Movie Review: Anikulapo

Hi fam, it’s Dife the storyteller reporting for duty(lol). It’s a pleasant weekend and even more spiced because there’s a public holiday on Monday, thanks

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Movie Review: The Banker

The movie, “The Banker” was inspired by true life events, it started within the court premises as a black man faced the panel of all-white

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Movie review: Fatherhood

Movie Review: Fatherhood

It’s been a while without a movie review, let’s clean off the dust. The movie Fatherhood came recommended to me. And yes, there was no

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movie review

Movie Review: Tulsa

Watching the first scene in this movie, Tulsa, I just knew I was about to see a good movie worthy of review and I wasn’t

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The Sleepover

Movie Review: The Sleepover

The Sleepover is a 2020 action comedy movie that depicted parents’ trials of raising children and preventing them from making the same mistakes they(parents) had

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Movie Review: Clouds

Every movie review is unique to me and Clouds is really that movie that I had to pause and play at different points to get

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Movie Review: Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes is originally a Warner Bros 2020 mystery film that told the evolution story of a girl, Enola Holmes into a strong-willed and independent thinking young woman.

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Movie Review : Reach

Reach is a 2020 Nigerian movie that tells the story of Tolulope Adekoya, a successful young woman. The first few scenes introduced her as a

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Movie Review: Mulan

On Dife Blog, Sundays are for movie reviews and today is no different. Today we have a Chinese movie, Mulan for review! Let’s get it

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Movie Review : Citation

Mon famile, how has the weekend been for you? Mine has been restive and watching Citation added some colour to my weekend. So, let’s get

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Movie Review: ÒLÒTŪRÈ

Òlòtūré is a seemingly raunchy movie that evils of sex/human trafficking in Lagos /Nigeria. Hey fam! How have you been? I must confess I have

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Movie Review: Ben-Hur

Mon famille! Happy weekend, trust the weekend has been good. Of course you know it’s time for a pleasant and didactic review of a movie.

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