Letter to my younger selrf

Hello fam! When was the last time you wrote a letter? In secondary school? When you were trying to chyke that crush of yours. Here is a letter to my younger self…enjoy!


I guess you have been expecting this letter to come through for a while now. Don’t worry, it’s something that will come once in a blue moon. You should expect better versions of this letter as I get older and wiser.

The first thing I will tell you for free is that not every idea you see on the internet is worth adopting. We now live in a world that a major share of our lifestyle as Millenials is powered by the internet which never stops feeding us with information for life direction. One lie this internet will sell to you is telling you that you can do whatever you want as long as it brings you happiness.

This lie is what birthed so many immoralities and disorderliness in this world today. A lot of people are doing what they want, living life by their heads only. We now live in a world where right and wrong are judged by what you think. Seeking advice and direction from God and the people he has blessed you with is now an act that is fading into thin air.

My dear, one thing you should always avoid is living beyond your means. The saying had always been, “Cut your clothe according to your size”. Fortunately, people have been able to wise up, rephrasing the saying to- “Cut your clothe according to the measurement of your material.” Although, even after the rephrasing of the popular saying, a lot of youths still go on to live extravagantly trying to please the internet with every Kobo they have, striving so hard to look like celebrities even when their bank account is saying ‘Insufficient funds’. They prefer looking rich to being rich. This path is one you should never cross as it will only end in tears at the end of the day.

Another lie the internet has sold and it is still selling to us is the idea that your life is all about you. My dear, your life in the true sense of it is not only about you. As ugly as it might sound, your life is a whole lot about many other people, people you are accountable to/for, people that have their destinies chained with yours. So, if you truly want to walk in love with those people, you better start believing that your life was never about you alone.

This reminds me of how a Nigerian celebrity tweeted about being accountable to himself only. However, his tweet was opposed by a tweet from a random Twitter user, she replied to him saying that she is not only accountable to herself, she is also accountable to her friends and family who genuinely care about her. You should not live for yourself alone, there is a whole lot of people seriously hoping for you to turn out well as their lives depend on it.

One thing people have mistaken for happiness is the act of living for immediate gratification. Life is not all about wealth or the things money can buy. One mistake you should avoid making is spending the better part of your life living for things that can only bring you immediate pleasure or satisfaction, it is like chasing a mirage.

Have you ever longed for something so much that after you eventually get it, you realize it is not what you need. Don’t spend your life chasing shadows. Focus on what God has prepared for you and let Him run things for you.

I believe that as you grow older you will trust the Lord for wisdom and strength to sail through this journey called life. Till I write you again my dearest.

Lots of love,


Hope you enjoyed reading this open letter. Feel free to share some lessons you will share with your younger self. Have a pleasant weekend!

Je t’aime mon ami


4 Responses

  1. There are moments in life when we want to re-live our childhood days, college fun days and many more moments of love. There are also many mistakes and embrassing moments, which we wish we could go back and change. I think it’s just like chasing shadows because it’s not possible! You can’t go back in time and start over again, but you can still aim for a new ending starting from now. Do not look back with regret. Past will never come back again.

    Thanks for this wonderful and life changing piece Miss Hephzibah.

    I remain my humble self, Odgrande. God bless!

  2. I think I will just tell my younger self to spend more time in the word finding out what the word says about me and spending my life and energy to make those words I saw a reality in my life.

    I will talk less, I will not argue with anyone. I will try to leave at peace with others. I will not gossip, I will not backbite and I will not try to change anyone into what I think its best for them.

    I will allow people to be themselves and will try to learn from them. I will thread a humble path filled with so much inner strength.

    I will love people and genuinely pray for them in my closet…but I won’t allow anyone to manipulate me neither will I manipulate them also.

    Most importantly, I will reach for wealth tirelessly and I will see myself worthy of the best things in life.

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