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How have you been? Did you miss Dife the Storyteller here? I miss writing and gisting with you even though we’ve been dropping new podcast episodes on Dife Podcast. For real, you need to listen to these new episodes titled Survival and Thrive of GenZers, it’s a fine blend of wit and humour with two amazing GenZers.

So, I’m back to my first love here in Dife Blog, let’s get the gist flowing.

Sometime in September, precisely a Saturday morning, I had to leave the comfort of my home to a place where I could work with an uninterrupted power supply so I headed to Kulture Yard. Stepping into the facility, I refused to allow myself to be distracted by the sweet aroma of grilled chicken and others that were winking at me. I sharply took the stairs and settled to work on my laptop. I proceeded to work and after a few hours some guys came around where I was working, they were watching football highlights on TV to the years when Chelsea FC was a very strong formidable team with the likes of Didier Drogba, John Terry among others. One of the guys was amused, he commented and was looking at me as if to support his opinions, I smiled and kept my fingers busy on my keyboards. After a while, I realised these guys came to dance for a music video shoot. They started their rehearsals, perfected their dance steps and the beautiful music artiste came around.

Idowu EyinA simply dressed and beautiful woman with a calm aura interacted with the dancers, she learnt a few dance steps for the music video. At her words, full sacks of wear (shoes, trousers, tops etc) were brought in and the dancers were asked to pick whatever they want not only for the shoot oo (such generosity). Ommmooo…guys no dull oo. They picked wears as they deemed fit and off they went for the music video shoot. I had thought to interview the artist because I listened to the song as the dancers rehearsed. It was a lovely, ‘danceable’ gospel song. At a point during the video shoot, a young man who came in with the artiste came to my table, asked me a few questions and we got talking about Nigeria’s movie industry. I got to know that he is a talented musicologist, and a vocal coach then I asked him if I could have a brief interview session with the finely amiable gospel artiste. He didn’t hesitate, he went off and in a few minutes came back with the gospel artiste whom after introduction, I got to know that her name is Idowu Eyin.

Idowu Eyin grew up in Lagos and at age of 12, she had a personal conviction of God’s power and salvation when God miraculously healed her sick mother. Though she experienced church hurts, she remained sold out to God. She studied at the University of Lagos and fellowshipped at Believers Loveworld before she travelled to the UK where she stays with her beloved husband and worships at The New Covenant Church, UK.

Idowu Eyin naturally loved to stay behind the scenes even as a chorister in her church but as she grew out of religion and into the love of God, the Lord kept calling her to more until she started her own music ministry in 2016.  However, in 2017, she was diagnosed with a cyst in her vocal cords. She had surgery and since then she’s been fine. In 2018, she ministered at Tasha Cobbs in London. As a gospel music artiste, she is influenced by Tasha Cobbs, Ada Ehi and Laolu Gbenjo. She has an album “Testimony” available on all music streaming sites. Minister Idowu Eyin has released four music videos for her songs, one of them is Jesus Oga Nla featuring Mike Abdul and she’s about to release her latest musical video, So Good by November 13th 2022. Apart from the music ministry that Idowu Eyin stays committed to, she’s a lover of style that confidently advocates for decent dressing to glorify God and she’s also  an entrepreneur

Minister Idowu Eyin sure has a voice that makes one easily worship the Father in spirit and in truth. Her songs are available on all music streaming sites. Stream Idowu Eyin’s songs, and let’s worship the Father together.

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