New year strategies

Happy New Year Fam!!!💃💃 It’s a year of light, joy and fulfilled living for us.

On the evening of January 1st, I was amusingly surprised to see a meme that showed someone weeping and exasperating ‘It is still January 1 since morning’ meanwhile for me, 1st of January is usually one of the shortest days of the year. Writing this also reminds me of one Pawpaw’s(Osita Iheme)’s videos, where different video clips were compiled of Pawpaw’s expression as January progresses,  as the days of the month progresses his expression progressively became sour, they even displayed that there was January 100th…I tell you that video clip is a hilarious one😂😂.

The meme and video simply imply that people have placed expectations on time. So, as the new year begins everyone is in a rush to doing or achieving things and consequently there’s autopilot of ‘Hustle’ in the air. I am in no way against hitting goals but against popular opinion of autopilot hustle. Rather than flow with the new year rush, afford yourself the time to seat back to make plans and set up strategies to pivot through the year.

It’s good for you to know that having plans and creating strategies is not a mountain-like task, it simply means you are giving order to your life and it starts by just writing down your thoughts or desires to be more or much more. The deal is not in the doing; instead the real deal is in being intentional.  If you can afford yourself the time to strategise the better you are for it.

And please note, it is not compulsory to have it all figured out before you make plans or create strategies, no, you don’t have to have it all figured out. You are allowed to grow into clarity as the journey progresses. Having a system and a structure (plans and strategies) in place adds padding and a sense of both self-efficacy and security even when things do go wrong.

So, how do you strategise to give your life the much needed order to pivot through the year and not fall into the haphazard autopilot:

Priortise the life you want: This demands that you put yourself first and understand what you need. Don’t disregard yourself.  By being whole, you’ll enjoy others and situations as a complement to your prioritized life, and not a “fix” to complete you.

Acknowledge what is not good for you and shake it off: Identify and avoid situations that aren’t good, but occurring over and over. Fix the things that repeatedly upsets you or set you on the edge. Do what you need to do to feel better about yourself. Take ownership of your life and let every fragment of your life align to the life you want and deserve.

Take the North Star Approach: The North Star Approach is a strategy where you set a goal that may sound too big to ever accomplish in two years, let alone one. You want it to be so big that you smile and cry just a little at the same time. Let the crazy dream guide your decision-making and goal setting throughout the upcoming months of 2021.

Don’t be caught in the new year rush and join the wagon of people who become  apathetic, bored, lulled into a sense of nothingness; easily distracted by bad newsgossip and drama because they launched into autopilot of doing with any sense of intentionality.

Have a great year ahead Difers, let’s keep evolving knowing there is no end to growth.

Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗

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