Merry Christmas lovelies! Trust you are having a splendid Christmas. Today is boxing day so do well to send my box(es) of gifts to me, thanks in advance, I will be expecting!😃

For real now, how has this holiday/Christmas season been for you? Sweetheart, please take your time to be truly merry in this season. Maximise this season to be a child again, dance, laugh, spoil yourself, give yourself the beautiful cherished treats you desire and deserve. 2020 has been a tough year and you have done well to still be here, holding it all up. Thank you for staying strong, I celebrate you…sending hugs to you🤗🤗.

Personally, I have been having my own Dife December Diaries and it’s being a rollercoaster of emotions for me. But one constant feature in my Dife December Diaries is the heart of gratitude to every awesome person who has helped me through life in year 2020. Writing this blog post floods me with nostalgic feeling, I’m almost close to tears😪.

To a good extent, I don’t even feel that ‘Thank you’ justifies the gratitude in my heart to the amazing people in my life that have positively contributed to my evolution journey in year 2020. All the same, from the depth of my heart I appreciate them😍.

So apart from staying in a position of gratitude in this season, I’m also maximizing this holiday season in a reflectional state. This state is helping me to steer out of the noise and 2020’s heat all around to ponder on the pattern of my journey in 2020, identify the strengths and weaknesses of my 2020 decisions, alliances, choices, actions and inactions. Identifying these, I’m propelled to intentionally chart new and better ways of pivoting through 2021 and get better.

I must confess, being in a reflectional state is such a blissful state that I love and cherish so much because from this state I am led to my place of rest in God, an enduring embrace with the Father. And for me, this is priceless! This is that anchor place that bears so much power to conceive, travail and birth new beginnings even before they physically manifest.

In this place; love is sealed, light is shined, strength is given and grace is supplied to live the preordained heaven on earth life. In all sincerity guys, it can only get better for us but we all need to plug into the supernatural strength that does not fail when every other thing gives way. As this life’s natural course no sure again (even agbalumo ‘African star apple’ no show face this year😀), plugging into the supernatural that God gives is the way to go.

I cherish every single day of this holiday and I am certain that the remaining 6 days in 2020 will bear more joy to all of us.

Stay merry fam and have a really blissful holiday. Merry Christmas one again and happy new year in advance. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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