Life in a year

The best of us have our lives planned out but we know that life often does not pan out the way we want. However, we try to make the best use of the time that life gives to us. This is the simple summary of Life in a year movie.

Life in a year movie started with the display of a well planned life of Daryn, a 17 year old boy whose parents held him bound to be a Harvard scholar according to plans. As the universe would have it, Mr have it all planned  got attracted  to Isabel, a green haired girl he met at a concert, and after endless search for her on social media he finally found her in an ice-cream shop where he successfully asked her out. If you ask me, that was a cool way to ask a lady out, he even did a rap song☺😍

The first date was cool and it was obvious both parties were from two different social classes. Daryn due to family upbringing had the robotic aspire to perspire vibe all focused on Harvard unlike Isabel who lived without a parent figure and simply lived each day as it comes. 

The young lovers enjoyed their sequel of dates always ending with ‘one more’.  It didn’t take too long before the relationship got tested when Daryn’s Father saw his Harvard focused son with Isabel and he judged Isabel was no good for his son.

Daryn’s butterfly feelings for Isabel grew and on one of their dates he expressed his love for Isabel.  You will think that Isabel would be happy, no she didn’t. Rather Isabel got hysterical and tried to stop Daryn from professing his love for her. The heated argument calmed when Isabel suddenly removed her wig and said ‘I have a year to live. Do you still love me now Daryn?’ Ghenghenn… Isabel is down with cancer😲

Determined to make Isabel’s remaining one year of living worth it, Daryn set a year calendar of activities and milestones to be done with Isabel. Each life milestones was engraved in love. Daryn made loving attempts to fill up the year with sweet memories for Isabel, Isabel on the other hand made strides to help Daryn explore his rap music wits, Daryn had his first studio session. Meanwhile, in the other news, Daryn’s admission to Harvard officially got hung on the waiting list.

Anti-climax turn came when Isabel was officially introduced to Daryn’s parents; Isabel was not part of Daryn’s future as conceived by the father so it was a sour meeting that ended in tears for both lover birds.

Even when Daryn’s father tried to make his son pass the Harvard waiting list, Daryn blew the opportunity away and surprisingly he retraced his steps back to Isabel. The lover birds reunited, blessing our screens with different romantic and beautiful scenes while the tie between Daryn and his family was severed.

Both lovers helped themselves face their fears whether they lose or win is not the focus but the glimmer in this movie is the fact that love has the strength to make us face our fears; this can be seen when Isabel saw her mother and when Daryn blew his opportunity to sell himself to a bigger artiste.

Another gleam of life’s truth that Life in a year reflected was the strength of a mother’s love. After Daryn blew the Harvard opportunity, he had major fallout with his father but the mother lovingly located her son. Even as she found her son resigned to fully taking care of Isabel at home.

A major milestone that was achieved in Life in a year was wedding between Daryn and Isabel. The wedding was a sweet and teary one, who will deny that seeing a squirrel as ring bearer at the wedding didn’t leave a smile on the face. The following day after the wedding, Isabel died.

While Daryn’s friends moved on to college, Daryn couldn’t because life events in a year had hit him bad and his grades had dropped. He moved out from his parent’s house, head to New York to make music  and ‘see what happens’.  Isn’t life such an irony? How a previously well planned life turned out to be testing the waters in an unknown terrain…

The departure scene at his parent’s house was a touching one. Looking at his father’s face I understood and pitied the father with all his Harvard plans. You really can’t blame a father who simply wants the best for his son. The man naturally loves order, he even gave Daryn a diary as parting gift  saying ‘ It will help you stay organized’ ( I think I should take lesson from this man)

Life in a year movie ended with a monologue on radio as this was the message Isabel left before she died,

‘Everybody thinks that dying teaches you something about life but they are wrong. The only way to learn about life is by living and I learnt that every moment is your moment.

Sometimes the moments are messy, sometimes they are beautiful or scary or just plain weird, but they are all yours. Cherish them.

Nothing is easy but if you can manage to look past all your fears and everyone else’s expectations, a reward is your life and in my life, I was loved. So Daryn, one more?’

Even in death she gifted Daryn his first airplay with the track ‘Life in a year’.

Life in year movie is a well scripted movie that weaves into the audience reality of life is no fix especially in a year such as 2020.

It’s five days to Christmas fam! It’s Ok to wish you merry Christmas in advance. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗

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