Own your Me-Time

Don’t be guilty, it’s your Me-time. Own it!

About three weeks ago I was practically in a state of ‘Ifeoluwa, what have you being doing with your life?’ It was to me as if I have not been living my life and I wake up every day, primarily with the aim of just showing up knowing there is a dissatisfaction in me that I haven’t being doing anything with my life. Meanwhile, I just had an annual hangout with my female teenagers and I didn’t even have the zest to post pictures of the hangout till days after.

This feeling progressed into sapping energy out of me for anything. If I didn’t need to bother about work, I probably will be on the bed without food for days but it didn’t happen. One day, I got back from work, I got into a discussion with my brother and I said ‘It feels like I am not living my life and it’s dissipating my energy’.  He said ‘No, you are living your life; it’s not just your dream life yet.  But you are actually touching and impacting lives with your life’.

He went on to tell me how I have evolved and how he loves my skills’ growth and the consistency I put to it. As he was candidly saying these things, I remembered the different praises and encouraging comments that I have received in recent days about my skills, , how a comment from one of my teachers dropped and brightened my day in one of my blue mornings.

Now, with the different positive comments I had gotten from different people, why did I still have dissatisfaction within me? First, I can clearly confess I had Imposter Syndrome and I really needed a Me-time where I will just be by myself without any impetus to show up for anything.

As the beloved daughter of the unfailing Father, I had the royal privilege of being at the 10th year celebration of a women ministry, Deborah Initiative for Women which is now Kingdom Women Global Alliance. At this meeting, one of the invited guests, Pastor Dotun Arifalo gave words of knowledge about strength, strength for the journey and I broke down, plugging in to the divine strength that only God can give.

I left the meeting with the right and needed ignition from Imposter Syndrome to gaining strength. However, I needed my Me-time to be able to personally soak it all in, acknowledge the goodness that my life brings to the world, truly re-pump my energy for the journey ahead and de-clutter from the activities that don’t justify my time and energy.

Presently, I’m in my Me-time andI am thankful for the resources and insights that have been coming through in this season. The hacks for low times that I shared some weeks ago have been helpful too. Today, I will be sharing some ideas on what you can do in your Me-time, as this can be the ideal time to play Bruno Mars song ‘ Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed…’

  • First, book in me-time into your diary as you would any other appointment.  Do not be tempted to cancel nor postpone it.
  • Go technology free. Turn off your phone, don’t have any notifications pinging at you – and enjoy being silent ( I cherish this moment)
  • Take some time to breathe, meditate and have conversations with God
  • Look at your life plan, whether it’s a year or a different time span, see what you can start to really make headway towards by spending some quality time on it each week. This may be perfect for your me time (This personally makes me feel more refreshed)
  • Sleep, yes sleep like a baby. Forget everything and anything, embrace the peace of sleep.
  • Lavish yourself with self-love
  • Take time to catch up with a friend, via a phone call / walk / over dinner etc.

A lot of young people like me are going through a lot of silent battles. The journey is not seemingly panning out as we planned and oftentimes we feel lonely in the journey. I had a phone call with one of my friends this week and it was obvious he is presently not having a smooth journey and he told me how it affecting his emotions and zest for life’s activities.

In times like this, there may or may not be words to express or soothe the negative feelings even external validation may not be able to help  but  as irrational as it may seem, find your anchor in God’s love and create Me-time  for yourself to constantly keep evaluating your emotional and mental well being.

It’s no longer news that 2020 has been a really tough year but you my friend, you are tougher and greater. Own your Me-Time, be vulnerable and truthful to yourself in your Me-time in order to help you harness the needed strength to go tougher. Don’t give up on 2020 yet, it still has some goodies for you.

I really wish you have a lovely weekend. Je’taime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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