Reach is a 2020 Nigerian movie that tells the story of Tolulope Adekoya, a successful young woman. The first few scenes introduced her as a self-aware lady who intentionally takes steps to achieving her goals. The morning ritualistic attitude of her always jittery secretary is not a good one I would recommend between a boss and her subordinate. To say the least, Tolu was not even an overbearing boss, she was just a boss. So why was the secretary always jittery.

Tolulope has been in a relationship for 5 years with Nimi, an insensitive and selfish only son from a rich home. The insensitive part was when he gave her the birthday gift of a necklace with the pendant engraved with letter N because his name is Nimi. To add insult upon injury, the necklace was packaged in a ring-like box when everyone was expecting a ring even the guy’s friends who were present. He didn’t even notice the disappointed expression on his girlfriend’s face. And when he was supposed to pay attention to her expression of disappointment, he didn’t fail to let her know how expensive the necklace was before he shooed her off from his car.

Meanwhile, Tolu had bumped into two brothers on her birthday night when she was disappointed by her boyfriend. And as the fate would have it one of the childish brothers, Alex was the photographer to work with her on a project. They started on the wrong foot, almost lost the opportunity of working together. Thankfully, they reached a compromise and agreed to work on the project.

Their working relationship was an interesting one that grew into friendship. Lex’s personality is a bubbly, baby-boy kinda, carefree attitude which is in total opposite with our always formal, boss lady Tolu. Unknown to Tolu, Lex goes out of his way to help her sail through with a deal that made Tolu happy but unacceptable to her client.

Boyfriend Nimi kept disregarding Tolu’s work, Brand Management and her career goals. Of course, this infuriated Tolu and she cut off from Nimi for a while. With two unpleasant happenings, Lex introduced Tolu into his fun-based life to help her relax and the next day he shared an idea with her for the project they were working on. Though she didn’t out-rightly like it, she accepted it and fortunately the client liked and accepted it.

Tolu and Lex worked more closely, got to know more about each other and it led them to sharing few kisses but for the interruption of Lex’s no strings attached sex partner, the kisses could have led to deeper stuff. In this scene, you will clearly see the wrongs of long-period of dating. Tolu’s words says it, ‘You know that feeling when you’ve been with somebody for a long time and you can’t imagine being with someone else’.

How can two adults date for 5 years when you are not in secondary school or University 100/200 level. Dating for a long time clearly blinds people to the fault of their partners. Even when you see the sign that it might not be good venture being with the person, you will want to compensate yourself for staying that long, who send you?🙄.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Tolu got home that night to a waiting Nimi with the legendary ring and he proposed. Tolu and her friends were excited while she cut off communication with Lex over the weekend. With work resumption on Monday, Tolu told Lex about the engagement so the baffled guy has to shift though he was in love with boss lady Tolu.
Nimi’s shine of selfishness was revealed when Nimi took Tolu to his mother for normal introduction of ‘This is the girl I want to marry’ and the mother with guile told Tolu that Nimi will relocate to Canada soon. So, if Tolu marries Nimi, she will have to forget her company and dreams in Nigeria to marrying an insensitive, selfish Nimi.

Of course, Tolu didn’t buy into that. She put off the ring and returned it to the waiting hands of Nimi. What selfishness? Sometimes it is surprising to see ladies with big and beautiful dreams forgo their dreams to living in the shadows of a man in the name of marriage. Marriage as I know it to be should help both parties fulfil their purpose, goals and aspirations in life. Your dreams are valid, don’t ditch them. And like Tolu’s friend Jacquelin said, ‘Just be very thankful, imagine you guys have gotten married then all these start to manifest’ so we should say ‘Thank you’ to Nimi’s mother for uncovering her son’s folly and saving our dear Tolu.

Some scenes worthy of note, were the scene where Lex was unhappy and sulking about Tolu, his brother said ‘There are many fishes in the river, when I say fish I mean Tilapia, Kote…’ this line made me smile and the other scenes where Tolu and Jacquelin laughed and Jacquelin’s reaction about the disengagement. The portrayal of friendship between Tolu and Jacquelin, it’s such a beautiful one. They were not just friends, but good friends and partners building the same company. This echoes the lesson of partnership, team-up with like-minded people and harness your strengths.

Tolu later realised the sacrifice Lex made to ensure that her first deal worked and unknown to Lex that Tolu had broken with Nimi, he professed his love for Tolu via the radio morning program that Tolu always listen to (Isn’t that sweet). Eventually, Tolu and Lex despite age differences became lovers.

Reach is an interesting lovey-dovey movie that tells more than a love story. The use of daily confessions is a plus in this movie and of course the fact that Tolu didn’t bend to the whims of a selfish lover to finally end up with a lover that totally supports her hustle and would cheer her to growing.

Hope you enjoyed this review of the movie Reach as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do have a fulfilling week ahead. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗.

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