The Learner's Perks

The Learner’s Perks

Hey Difers, introducing you to a learner! How have you been? Trust October kicked-off well. Before I go into my gists, let me quickly say

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Living pass the past

Living Pass the Past

We keep living and thriving! Three days ago, Nigerians celebrated the End Sars memorial, a year has gone by and it is almost like nothing

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Movie Review : Reach

Reach is a 2020 Nigerian movie that tells the story of Tolulope Adekoya, a successful young woman. The first few scenes introduced her as a

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Hacks for Low Times

Do you still doubt the power of music? For the sake of your mental health, please don’t. Take advantage of good music and keep your

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Movie Review : Citation

Mon famile, how has the weekend been for you? Mine has been restive and watching Citation added some colour to my weekend. So, let’s get

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Movie Review: ÒLÒTŪRÈ

Òlòtūré is a seemingly raunchy movie that evils of sex/human trafficking in Lagos /Nigeria. Hey fam! How have you been? I must confess I have

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End Sars


On Thursday 8 October, 2020, Nigerian youths began a nationwide peaceful protest of END SARS after several months of intermittent END SARS campaign on social

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Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

‘Carry out random acts of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day some might do the same for you’

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Lagos Drama

Lagos Drama: Waka Jeje

It’s a Lagos Drama post,yaaayy!!! It’s a blissful weekend, another opportunity to just breathe and chill from the heat of the week. Personally, I invest

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Elevator baby


When I heard ELEVATOR BABY as the title of a Nigerian movie, my first prediction of the movie was a guy meeting a lady in

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My guy, the Job Flip Switcher

Experienced Flip switcher, this is for you! My people!!! Happy weekend Trust your week was good, knowing that the challenges, laughter, indifference, sadness, smiles, lessons

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