The Learner's Perks

Hey Difers, introducing you to a learner!

How have you been? Trust October kicked-off well. Before I go into my gists, let me quickly say this, don’t give yourself unnecessary pressure because the year is gradually rounding off. Stay calm and focused. Work from a place of rest and watch God settle you with the best.

By the way, one of my friends after reading Lagos Drama; The Escapades of a Carless Lady  suggested that I switch to InDriver for cab hailing service. She said you can negotiate the cost of your ride on the app and the agreed price won’t change afterward, I think it’s a good one, what do you think fam? Now to the gist, I have an update for you on how I’m taking my baby steps to move from point A to point B. Guess what guys? I started my driving lesson a couple of weeks ago and I surprised myself😲.

So before now, I have always been telling one of my friends to teach me how to drive but he didn’t see my serious desire to learn until recently and we got the prompt to take our driving lesson to one of the tertiary institutions in Lagos since the school is not actively in session, thanks to ASUU. We were a few minutes into our driving lessons when two men came to apprehend us for learning how to drive in the school premises. They ordered us to follow them to their office, and we did. My Coach Driver(CD) went into their office and they got talking. I was in the car with my younger Sis. I was thinking I would put someone into trouble because I was learning how to drive.  I couldn’t sit still in the car, I got out and tried locating the office my CD went to but I didn’t get it. While I was trying to figure it out, my Sis beckoned to me and show me the office he entered but she advised I shouldn’t go in because it looks as if CD was doing well sorting the issue.

I got back into the car and a few minutes later, CD came back and said they started with a 20K demand, he pleaded with them, they went down to 10K and they are asking for his driving license. After he picked up his driving license, I started praying in the car and my sis joined. Later CD came back and said they have agreed to 5K. He paid and one of the men led us to a field in the school where someone can freely practice driving. So, my driving lessons officially began!💃

The training went quite well except that I didn’t quickly grasp how to gently apply brakes. When my CD got out of the car to leave me to drive alone, my Sis was in the car with me and she kept saying “ Anfe please ooo, you know we’re not plenty in our house, drive carefully…it’s just me and you here, please oo”. After a while, she relaxed as I became better with the brakes. My CD was proud of me that I grasped it quite well for a staunch learner like me😇. Honestly, I felt surprised at myself for how quickly and easily I learnt…there was no iota of fear in me and for this, I’m grateful to God.

We took a break to eat and we went to buy banana bread from one of the Instagram vendors that my Sis has been eyeing their pastries. It was a good buy, so yummyyyy!😋 We resumed the driving class till we decided to call it off and we headed to Lagos Jetty at Bariga. It’s a really spacious, cool, and serene place with a waterfront facing the Third mainland bridge and a bar for the night-fun lovers. We had lots of pictures and videos to cherish and remember this present phase of our lives.

One of the important lessons I’m learning this season is not to hesitate to enjoy the bliss of relationships with friends and family. Especially, in this season where someone you saw a few days ago will just post his/her ‘japa’ pictures. So, why not enjoy the times you are privileged to spend with them?

Finally, I feel led to share this as I was about to round off this blog post. This past week, a friend of mine said that in recent times, I am now quick to say “Olorun a gba koso” meaning “God will take charge or God will handle it” whenever we are talking about any issue. I then replied that ” I’m at a phase in my life where I really cannot help myself if God does not show up for me. My dreams, aspirations, and desires are obviously beyond my present realities. So, the only help I know is God and I choose to trust Him to handle it all.”  Now to the testimony part, I specifically had two things that needed timely intervention. I prayed to God about them within a time frame that I needed them sorted. Difers, I kid you not, exactly the ‘how’ and ‘when’  that I told God for these things to come forth were the days they came forth. You know what, apart from the value of the answered prayers, the sweetest thing to me is the proof that God is mindful of me…like He really hears me. Yeah fam, don’t stop praying…God is mindful of you.

Lemme stop here jo. I can keep going with the gists, Dife the storyteller(lol). I’m sure you enjoyed reading this blog post. Please drop your comment in the comment box and share the post’s link with your friends. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗


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