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Have you missed Lagos Drama on Dife Blog? Serving you hot in this post!

Yes, we are back and better! Rate the new web experience, do you love, like it? Or it’s just there?

Goshhhh! I have missed writing here, giving you stories, movie reviews, and sharing my epiphanies with you. Literally, I miss you! Yes, you, your lovely face reading and smiling to your phone or computer as you read Dife’s posts and of course your encouraging and heartwarming comments. Thank you fam for growing with The Dife, cheers to our becoming!

To begin this new phase, I’m here with different gists that I prefer to tag as ‘Lagos Drama’. First, who else has noticed the price hike of Bolt and other ride apps in recent months…it’s simply Ommoooooo😲😲. Some weeks ago, I went to Surulere from Ikeja and took public transport popularly called “Danfo” buses. I alighted at the Stadium bus stop and I was directed to take Bolt to the exact location where I was going to ease the stress of description. This distance would have cost me N200 to reach the location by Okada (bike) or Keke Napep (Tricycle). But guess how much I paid from Stadium to somewhere around Adelabu in the same Surulere? My people, the Bolt trip ended at the price of N1900….I was “flabberwhelmed”😨. Like, my brain literally went from 100 to 0, because what was that witchcraft??!! . This experience reiterated to me that “In this life, have your money”. A few days after, one of my friends who stays in Abuja but is on a visit to Lagos shared on his WhatsApp status how Bolt trip from Lekki to Ikoyi cost N7100. In my mind, I was like, “ Welcome to Lagos”. 

Still, on this Bolt fare matter, I am not an everyday outdoor person because I work remotely but it happened that I had to go to a place at Airport road, Ikeja-Oshodi area on Monday, 19th October, a day that NANS  protested against the 7-month ASUU strike and they specifically blocked the routes to the airports both local and international airports in Lagos.


I took a Bolt ride from my house and it was hectic getting to my destination, no thanks to the NANS protest. A trip that started with a fare prediction of N1800-N2200 ended at N4100. You can imagine how I felt in that traffic, I couldn’t even hide it. It became more painful when I realized that the reason for the appointment I went for was futile because they offered ridiculous pay for my services. I had to reject the offer. Unrelated, employers or business owners should clearly state salary or pay range before they make people leave their houses for interviews and all sorts. Let’s be fair to ourselves in this economy o. 

Heading home was even more challenging because routes leading to Airport roads were blocked, and there was no bus. I boarded a Keke Napep that took me to the Picham area. I alighted to see the long queue of vehicles, then I tried to take a bike from there to Ikeja. I really wasn’t prepared when I heard N3,000, N5,000. I had to ask the man that was standing beside me “Are we still in Nigeria? Why are they calling N5000 as if it’s N500?” 

Guess what fam? I had to walk from Picham to Ikeja Underbridge ni ooo…Emi, a whole Softlife Girl! In my mind, I just turned the walk into a calorie-burning walk, at least to burn some WFH-enhanced fat while I pray that it won’t rain till I get home.

In all of these dramas, I had peace in my heart while I acknowledged God’s faithfulness and his guidance as he reminded me of some life lessons which includes being thankful for this present phase of my life while I desire more.

So fam, your Dife is here again, revamped and better. I look forward to sharing more stories and epiphanies with you while I expect your reviews in the comment section.

Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗

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