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Looking for someone who believes power of storytelling? Search no further as you have just found me. My name is Ifeoluwa Oyebisi and I’m purpose-driven young lady. Ifeoluwa is an innovative content creator, an eagle-eye editor and an unusual lifestyle blogger that promotes depth. The fusion of my innate belief in the female prowess and my ability to create life-enriching contents is significant to my being. I am an unapologetic projector of God, His principles and wisdom . For me, life is no competition. However, there is power in being known and heard, in owning the authenticity of the differences we have. Yes, this is Ifeoluwa Oyebisi (Ifeoluwa_DIFE). I look forward to knowing you, just promise me you are gonna make me laugh😂🤣 Je t’aime mon ami😘😘😘
Ifeoluwa Dife

The Healing Story of Love

Love truly heals “Have mercy on me, Lord” were my dominant words from November 2022 through January 2023. I remember how reading Gloria Olufeko’s post

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Movie review

Movie review: Ti Oluwa Ni Ile

“Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” is a 30-year spanned, captivating, intriguing, and well-scripted movie that exposes all the negative consequences of corruption and greed as it

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Movie Review: Anikulapo

Hi fam, it’s Dife the storyteller reporting for duty(lol). It’s a pleasant weekend and even more spiced because there’s a public holiday on Monday, thanks

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The Learner's Perks

The Learner’s Perks

Hey Difers, introducing you to a learner! How have you been? Trust October kicked-off well. Before I go into my gists, let me quickly say

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Movie Review: The Banker

The movie, “The Banker” was inspired by true life events, it started within the court premises as a black man faced the panel of all-white

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Work anniversary short story

Work Anniversary’s Short Story

Dem say “Work no dey finish” Woooohooo…it’s been a while here🤔🤔 How have you been? Staying alive, and motivated? Juggling life’s responsibilities plus managing relationships

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Un-Special celebrations

Un-Special Celebrations

Celebrations should be a life-long feature. Wawwwuuuu 😲😲… I feel like it’s been a decade I had a publication here on Dife blog. I missed

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