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Ifeoluwa DifeLove truly heals

“Have mercy on me, Lord” were my dominant words from November 2022 through January 2023. I remember how reading Gloria Olufeko’s post on LinkedIn and  Aproko Doctor’s healing video got me crying and telling God that if he healed and gave them testimonies, He should perfect my healing and give me testimony too.

How I had plans to enjoy the festive season last December with friends & family, go to concerts, and do some community work but no, I found myself on a sick bed writhing in pain. Visiting hospitals and getting diagnosed gave me mixed feelings of fear and hope at the same time. Fear that my young life was being threatened or almost over and hope ignited by the diagnosis that at least I know what is wrong and how it can be treated.

One of the realities that really hit me on the sick bed is that “Life is fleeting” so, I developed a self-mantra, “Do whatsoever you have to do. Don’t drag or cook up excuses.” In my recovery process, I began to cherish and thank God for the seemingly normal things that I previously took for granted, like the ability to be hungry and eat, to sleep peacefully, to stay for hours without pain in the absence of painkillers even to have regular/steady breathe.

This phase of my life made me value family and inner circle friends more than ever because I couldn’t even pray for myself but I found renewed faith and confidence in God with the knowledge that people were lifting me up in prayers to God. I found happiness in the jokes, and laughter of my siblings and friends who visited, I found strength in my mum and siblings holding my hands to dance with me when it was painful to stand for a minute. 


It was quite surprising to me when a young lady that I knew a few months ago via work was the first person that noticed my absence on social media (WhatsApp) and reached out to me after weeks of illness. The “absence” that came with this phase gradually tilted me to go into hiding as God was speedily helping me to recuperate. I realized I no longer wanted to do anything that will make me seen or heard, I preferred being in an oblivion state.

However, with the advantage of close-knitted family and inner-circle friends, I opened up to them about how I felt, “I just feel like hiding”. Not a single person judged or disdained me, they just listened to me and said positive words. I remember speaking and crying to God about how I felt tired and just want to hide and I often end with “God just help me”.  After a couple of months, I am writing this blog post as proof that God helped me and he still helping that I currently don’t feel like hiding again.

I am thankful to God for the victory he won for me, I am grateful for this recovery phase because I am a recipient of natural and supernatural love. I am thankful for my church community at The New, and the blissful gift of people who love and nurture me with their time, service, and resources, and the grace for wholeness of health. Don’t blame me if you see this girl, Ifeoluwa Dife talking and living for Jesus as he guides me to my becoming, it’s simply because He’s the one that saved and healed me. 

As time ticks and months progress, I look forward to a healthier,  joyful, and fulfilling 2023 ride with my Dife community. Talking about community, did you receive mail from Dife in January? If you didn’t, then you missed oo. Stop missing out by subscribing to Dife’s monthly newsletter on the website’s homepage(that white box). 

While writing this blog post, this song kept ringing in my heart, Love lifted me by Kenny Rogers.

Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗


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  1. This was an interesting read. I’m glad you are HEAled and I pray your healing is permanent. YOUr sTORY is INSPIRINg.

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