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“Ti Oluwa Ni Ile” is a 30-year spanned, captivating, intriguing, and well-scripted movie that exposes all the negative consequences of corruption and greed as it narrates the story of two men JP (Jide Oyegunle) and Sanya (Ogun Majek) who, driven by their own selfish desires, seek to make a profit by selling an ancestral piece of land with the assistance of a corrupt chief to a petroleum company. 

However, the oracle; the mouthpiece of the gods, reveals that the land belongs to the deities of the land and is not suitable for a petrol station or any business activities whatsoever. The consequences of their actions soon catch up with the land sellers, as they both die suddenly and the chief (Baba Wande) realizes he is next.

The film effectively portrays the theme of greed and the corrupt nature of power. The chief, who initially sees the opportunity for a quick payout, soon finds himself in a desperate situation, as he attempts to prevent the burial of one of the co-conspirators in an effort to save his own life. However, his efforts are in vain, as the spirits of the land come for his life. There are two things that got me here and let me have a clearer sense of how people can go extreme to cover their shameful acts. Firstly, the chief realized he would be dying soon and wanted to do anything and everything to avert that. The second one is that he let greed take over his mind because he isn’t earning much as a well-known chief. It was from this chief that  the word “Chicken Peri-peri” stuck in my head😂😂. (Abeg, wetin dem dey refer to as Chicken Peri-peri? is it our present-day Crispy Chicken?)

The film also explores the theme of the consequences of actions and the power of tradition. The chief’s attempts to reclaim his traditional title are met with resistance from the spirits of his co-conspirators, who seek to punish him for his actions. The film effectively illustrates the importance of tradition and the importance of respecting the land and its deities. Watching all the parts of the movie, I couldn’t help but realized that Sanya’s greed is too much that he wouldn’t stop at anything to make some money into his pocket even if the chief (Oloye Otun) decline their offer. He was so desperate and was ready to push away anything that will not allow him to make the so-called money.

 The characters’ acting is simply remarkable, with the lead actor delivering a powerful and nuanced performance that captures the complexity of the chief’s character. I promise that you will not want the movie to end. The cinematography is also noteworthy, with the film’s use of color and light effectively as at that time conveying the mood and tone of the film according to the standards then.

In conclusion, Ti Oluwa Ni Ile (In English: The Land is the Lord’s) is a Nollywood Yoruba drama film sequel directed by the great Uncle TK (Tunde Kelani).  Released in the year 1993 through Mainframe Films and Television Productions, Opomulero. The film was uncle TK’s (Tunde Kelani) debut as a film director. It was made in 3 parts as a home video and listed as one of the 10 best-selling Yoruba movies. The acting, cinematography, and overall storytelling are all excellent, making the film a must-watch from the time of release till now.


Written by: Odgrande


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