Happy New Year fam, It’s 2024💃💃

2023 was a wholesome year of variant experiences that made you stronger and better as long as they didn’t kill you. I pray you find healing from the experiences that hurt you and you receive the grace of a guileless heart, a heart that’s not afraid to start afresh in this new year. 

2023 was a year like no other for me…I unashamedly cried, wiped my tears, then headed over to intense prayers and afterward laughed and danced. I remember there was a Sunday morning after I had cried, prayed, and was prepping for church I spoke loud to myself, “I am going to make this time count”. And in my lowly state, God heard my words.  Honestly, I could not help myself but God came through…things that would have taken me months to plan and execute, my FATHER did for me in days…it did me like a dream!

2023 taught me to ask for God’s wisdom in all things,  to trust and obey the nudge, and promptings given by the Holy Spirit… so oftentimes, I was not caught unawares at the turn of events. My character was shaped to be more gracious, yet firm. Maintaining my calmness,  I became better at accommodating and engaging people. One of the significant growths in 2023 was growth in my career as a Social Development Practitioner, I was selected for two Fellowship opportunities, I led the NGO I work in to make an exponential impact in 31 states in Nigeria and I started my social enterprise, Daffodils Africa, to implement social impact projects for individuals, organizations and government in Africa.

In 2023, I am thankful for some things,  topping the list, I am thankful to God for the people He has blessed me with. It’s how God pampers me with people who have no intention of stressing me, even my colleagues at work will be like, “Ife, I know you don’t like this…” or how my family members are no stressors but in every way possible, they make my life easier and beautiful.  My friends, acquaintances, and my teachers have been significant blessings in my life . Just yesterday, I got a heartfelt message from one of my teachers and yeah, it blessed me.

“You are the girl Ife. 

You are blowing my mind with your progress and advancement. 

I am using one eye to look at you now….I think it will be very dangerous to underrate you. 


Take it away. 

Happy New Year once again…”


Towards the end of 2023, I kept telling whoever cares to listen “Follow Jesus” and I will keep saying it all the days of my life.  “Follow Jesus” is the one unfailing recommendation I can give as we graciously proceed in 2024. When it makes sense or not, when it feels like your heart will burst from the aches, or when you can’t help but dance and scream for joy, just FOLLOW JESUS.

A couple of songs that I also recommend are;

I Speak Jesus by Charity Gayle ( I listened to this song while writing this to you, my co-greatly beloved)
Gratitude by Brandon Lake 

Finally, it just crossed my mind now that I should share with you my favourite book of the Bible, and that is Daniel. I so love reading and studying the book of Daniel, I recommend you take time to study the book of Daniel, Chapters 1 to 12. too, I commit to studying the book of Daniel every month in 2024.

Have a more beautiful and fulfilling 2024 fam!
I love and celebrate you dearly!!
Just like my teacher wrote to me, I write to you, “Take it away! 2024 is all yours!!”

Je t’aime mon ami 🤗

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  1. Heey! Nice piece here ma’am. I tHANK god on your behalf for taking you this far. Let me be the first comrade to comment on dife’s blog this year…..2024 will obey us in jesus mighty name.

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