MERRY CHRISTMAS: Tips to Enjoy Festive Seasons Alone

Merry Christmas💃💃💃
The joy of this season is blissful. Bask in it, don’t be eluded.

What’s your ideal way of having a fulfilling Christmas day? What would make the 24-hour Christmas day a merry Christmas for you indeed?

There’s a general tradition of spending Christmas with family and friends, exchanging gifts, cooking sprees, and exchange of gifts. But what if your present circumstance does not afford you the traditional expectation of Christmas, what would you do to still enjoy the bliss of Christmas alone?

Few years ago, I lived in a place where I had no family, I had few friends but most of them had traveled so I only had work and myself. On the 25th of December 2017, I refused to cook for myself and just lay on the bed sleeping till one of my neighbors sent a heap of Christmas rice to me that catered for breakfast and lunch.

Towards evening, a friend of mine called me and asked about where I was. I told him I was in my lonely room. He arranged for us to meet some 30 minutes later.

That day, I had the longest, and enjoyable walk of my life. All the fancy restaurants or malls were flooded with people so we succumbed to walking and talking till it was dark. He made sure I bought dinner, afterwards, I boarded a taxi and we departed. This was my Christmas day experience some 2 years ago.

Now, I would have done better for myself on Christmas day than I did that day.

So, if you are also in an untraditional Christmas state on this day, here are a few simple tips you can do to make yourself enjoy the bliss of Christmas day:

1) Feel yourself: Read things that confirm how good you are. Inform yourself of how blessed the world is to have you. You can read some chapters, verses of the Bible (this is highly recommended), or books by your favorite author. Wake up seeing everything working for your good no matter your present situation.

2) Unusual Food: Unusual feeding is one of the features of an enjoyable Christmas day. Create a list of the food you desire to eat, that it’s been a long you ate it. Give yourself the treat to eat this food. You can order it and have it delivered to you or you cook it yourself while you enjoy the process of making the food you desire.

3) Gift: Gift yourself something simple and beautiful you’ve longed for. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It could be a pair of earrings, a book, a journal, a book marker, dress sneakers, etc.

4) Music: Good music has a way of making us feel good or listen to a good radio station. Allow the flow of good beats and lyrics to help you relax and make you happy.

5) Make someone else happy: The act of giving is therapeutic to the giver. There’s a joyful feeling that giving brings to the giver. Take advantage of it and give it to someone in need. No matter how small it is to you.

6) Review your soon-to-end year: Positive mental processes help to give a sense of worth and value. Today is a good day to review the year that is about to expire. Make a list of your wins, losses, and lessons. Declutter your mental closet in preparation for the new year to enhance the optimization of the forthcoming year.

7) Watch movie (s): Indulge yourself to watching movies that make you feel happy or give your time spent on watching movies as enjoyable. I recommend comic or action movies.
I will be doing some of these today, you can also try any of the tips, and let’s share the joyful results afterward in the comment box.

💃💃Cheers to a blissful, joyous Christmas.
Love you❤❤❤

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