HAPPY NEW YEAR: No New Year Resolutions Get A 2020 Theme


Happy new year Family!

Welcome to a new decade of greater joys, accomplishment and peace. Thank you for walking year 2019 with thedife.com. You are cherished and so loved😘😘😍😍

The new year opens us to a new decade while the year begins with a new month and a joyful day such as today. I am already seeing the year 2020 in days and it starts today.

While in church after the joyful shout of ‘Happy New Year’, it dawned on me that the year has started today and today’s 24 hours is shorter than other days because this day will be dominated by merry making and just like that the 24 hours will slip by.

Maybe because I am compelled to resume work tomorrow and my to-do list is quite filling. Right there in church, I did a mental plan of my day. Following through with the plan has been helpful.

It’s settled, the year has started, what’s your theme for the year?

The culture of new year resolution has been overrated in the past years. Rather than pursue lofty new year resolutions what can you concisely tag as your theme for the new year.

As days roll into months, circumstances may arise that might obstruct the flow of your new year resolutions. However, the presence of the year’s theme helps you to summarise the longitude of your new year resolutions and focus on things that would guide you through the year.

Start the year today with a clarified knowledge of 2020 theme. Stay focused on your 2020 theme and ride through the thick and thin, highs and lows of the year while you celebrate the wins and glean the lessons all along the way.

Have a fulfilling year ahead. Much love😘😘


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