The first work day, Monday, 6th January 2020 was a pleasant one, I felt like I was floating in peace and joy as I legit listened to AMAZING by Dunsin Oyekan on repeat all day. Then blissfful Tuesday morning came and I was unconsciously humming AMAZING as I left home.

I boarded the first bus to Ikeja Under-Bridge. After I had alighted, as a Lagos babe, I was walking rapidly to the park where I would board another bus to my destination. Still on my track, a volvo car that was heading towards the park signalled to me to board the car as he was heading toards my destination.

After I had confirmed the bus was heading to my destination, I boarded the car where I met a woman already seated in the car, at the front seat, then another man joined us.  The driver had a brief argument with the man when the man said he had N150 instead of N200 for his tfare. The driver told him to get off the car before we moved but the man later agreed to pay N200.

As we were about to move, the driver excused himself to go and pee. When he came back, he started picking on the woman that her load was heavy so he would  charge her extra fee. She tried pleading that the driver should reduce the charged fee but the driver insisted that the woman should get off his car if she can’t pay.

So, he stepped out of the car, went to the booth and made attempt to carry the load off the car. The woman begged him to leave the load and agreed to pay the driver’s imposed extra charge. In the course of her plead, she told me “sister help me beg him, he should leave the load”. I didn’t respond to her because I was like “what’s all this drama, biko do quick jo. I must not get to work late ooo”(my thoughts).

When I didn’t interfere, the man sitting beside me pleaded for her and the driver left the supposed heavy load in the booth. We finally moved!

In less than 2 minutes drive, the driver said “Madam, why you dey lie? Why you carry that kain money in the bag in my car and you no tell me. Do you want to put me in trouble?”

The woman then started begging the driver again that he should move and not drop her. The driver demanded for an an explaation of how she got such money in a big bag, she said ‘ I dey run from my husband, I dey run for my life. Oga, please just move this car and let’s move.”

I became suspicious but I did as if I am not paying attention to them. He was about to stop the car again then the male passenger said “Madam, you too talk where you see this kain money na, you wan put us for trouble?”Then he looked at me ‘Abi sister, make she talk na”.

I just replied “I am not interested. Just let me get down.” By the time I repeated it the 2nd time, the driver with annoyance said “Get down jo, get down! get down!”. That’s how he halted in a place where I wouldn’t be able to get another bus quickly, I didn’t even think twice, I quickly stepped out of the ONE CHANCE CAR.

As faithful as God is, I got another bus to board quite quickly than I thought. Yaaaaayyyyy! And that’s how God saved from me from being a victim of One Chance oo.
Another thing that helped me was quick sensitivity to know that something was wrong. I remembered the different stories of people who had been victims of One Chance and I quickly realised that these supposed co-passengers were doing similarly.

Be quick to glean indirect guide/rules from other people’s past experiences so you don’t repeat their mistakes. Take cues from other people success stories or recounts of past failures/mistakes so you save yourself from the pains of being a victim.

Like they say “Experience is the best teacher” but you shouldn’t be the subject/object of every unpleasant life experiences before you learn.

Have a pleasant weekend dear Difers😘😘😘

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