Òlòtūré is a seemingly raunchy movie that evils of sex/human trafficking in Lagos /Nigeria.

Hey fam! How have you been? I must confess I have missed doing movie reviews on this platform and it’s refreshing to resume with the reviews. And today, I am excited to do the review of the movie Oloture which means Endurance.

At the first scene, we were introduced to a brothel where sex workers commonly known as ashawo in the Nigerian society wait for their male customers. However, it was shocking to see that a preferred sex worker(ashawo) was avoiding to be laid and ran away from the customer. Why would an ashawo run from being laid?

It became ironical to see that the same sex worker that ran from being laid expressed desire to travel abroad to step up in the ashawo game.

Thankfully, fifteen minutes to the movie we got to know that our run-away ashawo whose name is Oloture is an undercover journalist who is trying to unravel the story of sex and human trafficking in the Nigerian society. So, in the real sense, Oloture is not a sex worker but a journalist who is an undercover in the sex workers’ world. However, our disguised undercover didn’t want to experience what ashawos, sex workers really experience. Is this really what undercovers do?

I believe as an undercover, one should be ready, willing and able to do whatever is needed to be done in order to align with the supposed fake character. So, Oloture as a supposed ashawo should have been willing to get laid and actually get laid like a proper ashawo would.

Through a fellow ashawo whose name is Linda, Oloture progressed into meeting with a human trafficker, Alero and got few information about her. Linda, Oloture’s colleague was processing travelling opportunities to Europe through Alero for herself and her sister. Few days after, Alero invited the ashawo girls to a party organized by a A-list politician. At the party, Alero introduced Oloture to the party’s host, Sir Philip as she was meant to sex-serve him.

Oloture in her usual way, tried to avoid being laid by Sir Philip but this time luck was not on her side because she met an experienced player in Sir Philip who drugged and raped her. Personally, I was disappointed to see that Oloture, an undercover-ashawo collected the supposed medication from her customer, Sir Philip. She is expected to be street-wise and could have hidden the medication underneath her tongue to be stylishly disposed off her mouth after few seconds. This would have channeled a way of escape for her. In actual fact, an undercover is expected to be more tactical than what I watched in Oloture.

After the rape, we watched how what was supposed to be an official assignment to uncover the ills of sex-trafficking in the society became a personal mission to revenge the evil gods and goddesses in the business of sex/human trafficking even against her bosses’ advice.

Alero in desperation to meet her target of 15 girls for the human trafficking personally invited Oloture to join in the search for better opportunities to Europe while Oloture sought to revenge her rape and deal with Sir Philip but Chuks, an outdated pimp in the human trafficking business advised her against it. Oloture continued to follow through with Alero to travel to Europe and she paid her travelling fees of £1200.

Now, this speaks to the irrationale menace in our society, how can someone be able to gather £1200 and still think of stepping up in the ashawo business in a foreign land when £1200 is enough to start a business and gradually build a legit empire with it in Nigeria. I recognize that Nigeria is not all that she needs to be as a country for financial development but if one has been able to raise an amount of money such as £1200 either through legit or non-legit means then more energy should be channeled into legit means of making money rather than sex trafficking in a foreign land.

Oloture’s ashawo colleague, Linda and had finished paying the travelling fees for herself and her sister so she invited her to come to Lagos. Few days after, Alero and her team moved the girls and began the journey to Europe which involved a series of stops and steps even to oath taking.

Meanwhile, Oloture kept reporting to her boss the progress of their journey as the boss consequently hinted the police. Being the undercover that she is, Oloture kept her phone hidden while every other person submitted their phones. However, Linda got to know that Oloture didn’t drop her phone and Linda requested to use Oloture’ s phone to reach out to her mother. Linda was caught while still speaking on phone with her mother and she was butchered right in front of her sister and other girls.

Through the discovery of the phone, the human traffickers realized that their movement was trailed so they swiftly moved their preys out of the base onward to border and finally out of the shores of Nigeria.

At the border, different drama erupted that the audience was hopeful that Oloture and Linda’s sister will escape from the traffickers but unfortunately, Linda’s sister successfully escaped while Oloture was caught and knocked out by one of the mafias.

The movie finally ended in a sad resolute tone as Oloture still in a knocked-out state in the bus with other girls were moved out of Nigeria to be sex slaves in a foreign land.

Judging from the way the movie ended, I’m sure a good number of the audience are expecting a part 2 of the movie, but what if there is no part 2…

I leave you with a question, will you describe the Oloture story as a complete Nigerian story? Waiting for your answers in the comment section.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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