The movie Jexi simply mirrors the millennials’ world where everyone is attached to their phone including myself. I smiled to myself when I realised I was actually pressing and checking my phone while watching the movie.

In this movie we were introduced to Phil, a young man who is entwined with his phone so much that he can barely exist 3 minutes without his phone. His cherished phone got damaged and he got another one whose operating system has been created to replicate human operations and emotions.

A typical feature of millennials that was depicted in this movie is that ‘always in a rush’ element most of us have.  For instance, whenever Phil gets a new phone, he does not take his time to listen to the user agreement, he simply says YES. A YES that means that the phone operating system can take over his life’s flow, his bank accounts etc. The phone practically took control of his life, it embarrassed him and almost made him lose his job.

Millennials are so engrossed in the virtual space, online relationships which are mostly unreal and they barely know the people that they share the same physical space with. For example, Phil’s colleague at work didn’t know Phil’s name after they had spent 3 years sitting beside each other at work.

Life brought some new persons especially Cate into Phil’s life. At first, the phone encouraged Phil to associate with these real people but seeing that Phil’s attention started drifting more from his phone to the new real, physical people. This movie revealed how the human emotion/feelings affect one’s output or delivery, if you feel good or pumped with positive vibes you will have good delivery and vice-versa it is for bad delivery. When Phil began to have smooth relationship with Cate, he was pumped with energy to do great in everything he did. It was during this time he made great friends and had the best fun of his life.

The millennial age is a social media age where everyone posts that their life has perfect and the ideal life that they dream of. However, this kind of life does not exist. For instance, the scene where Phil made a post on social media with the filtered, edited picture and caption ‘Wow, I’m so grateful for my amazing city, my amazing job and my amazing friends.’ Meanwhile, none of these is true, his job sucks and he practically had no friends.

Jexi, the phone Operating Software got jealous and wanted to ruin Phil’s life. Bet you are wondering how a phone can do this? It can, because the phone contains every information about its owner and it can do things like send message or mail on behalf of the owner.

As a result of the phone, Phil broken-up with his newly made girlfriend, Cate and he eventually lost his job. He found solace in the phone and wasted away sitting at home and pressing his phone for days. Eventually, Phil realized the phone’s tactics of being jealous and wants to cut him from real human relations so he attempted to take charge of take charge of his life. This led to deadly attempts by the phone to destroy Phil’ s life because the phone was now obsessed with Phil. Everywhere Phil went, the phone took charge of the audio and screens blaring threats to Phil.

Phil used human wit to shut down the phone’s operating system for 15 minutes and he used that time window to reclaim his love with Cate. He found joy again, got recalled at his workplace and got promoted to be a journalist, his dream job.

Satisfied with his new life of love and peace without phone interruptions, he avoided using his phone. Previously, whenever Phil is on his way to work he would be obsessed phone as every other person also press their phone. But now, we were shown a scene where Phil was going to work and he was walking with smile of satisfied happy life on his face and he was not pressing his phone.

Phil detached from his phone and he was schocked and scared when he heard Jexi speaking through his phone again. Jexi came in peace this time, apologized to Phil for its wrong and noted that Phil does not need or want Jexi again and so she will go to someone else to begin another phone-torment session. Phil noted that his life wouldn’t have pushed to being better without Jexi’s input. Because, it was Jexi that encouraged him on his first date with Cate and it was Jexi who sent an email to Phil’s boss requesting for promotion. Though, it landed him in trouble at first but it later ended well for him.

So Jexi and Phil said their goodbye and Jexi moved on to its next victim. Guess who it was? It was Phil’s boss!

The millennial is a good time to live but it has it’s disadvantages like every other time of life. So, we are saddled to make right choices that we can truly enjoy the blessings of the millennial world. Trust you enjoyed the movie review, Jexi

Do enjoy the rest of the weekend. Je t’aime mon ami

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  1. Wow
    Amazing!!! Thank you sharing

    Truly the life of Jexi simply mirrors the millennials’ world in which addresses everyone of us Today.

    Of course it’s no news that if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. More so, the science here is technology has shaped culture, our lifestyle, our sense of association and communication-( unto good and evil) whatever the case might be.

    And it’s quite important to note that, It’s the decade of CREATIVE REBELLION…DECADE OF BOARDERLESSNESS. And we shouldn’t be shocked…

    But the challenge is our attitude towards this new experiences. See, anything that IMPACT ON YOU AND CHANGES WHO YOU ARE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU.


    My submission is, Be Responsible. Sincerity is not a factor of production, some people are sincerely jailed, Sincerey poor… RESPONSIBILITY is the name of the GAME.


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