Travails for a New Nigeria

Travails for a new Nigeria is not a sprint race…we are here for the marathon!

The past 2/3 weeks has been historic for Nigerian youths and suddenly torrents of violence beguiled the nation. What started out as peaceful protest of END SARS became bloody, leading to violent outpour, loss of lives and properties. With these episodes of unpleasant national injustice, the nation was thrown into a dark state when soldiers of the Nigerian army shot at unarmed END SARS peaceful protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate. The inhumane act of the Lekki Massacre can be described as the last straw that broke the camel’s back as it was evident that this evil act was premeditated by the government against her people.

How can we explain that the cameras at the Lekki Toll Gate were removed, the street lights were switched off and shootings by soldiers at unarmed END SARS protesters who sat on the floor holding the national flag without the government’s knowledge? How is it possible that the Lagos state governor seems to have no clue as to who ordered the removal of cameras at Lekki toll gate, the deployment of soldiers at protest location and the shootings at the peaceful END SARS protesters?

What level of intelligence denied the occurrence of shootings at the peaceful protest and the 78 people who died as a result of the Lekki massacre even with the evidence of real live videos? How can we explain the rationale that claimed the deaths were photoshopped?

While Nigerians in a heavy state of despair mourned the 20th October 2020 Lekki Massacre, we were still greeted ‘good morning’ with the discovery of warehouses stacked with Covid-19 palliatives. Seeing the videos of this Covid-19 palliatives discovery was mind- burgling because one begins to wonder what level of unthinkable selfishness will make someone or group of people to hoard foodstuffs meant for a whole state in warehouses? And not to even talk about raw cash that were discovered in coffins…. And to top it up, the Lagos state government said this.

Truth is, if there was never any need to protest before and demand for good governance, the recent happenings between October 20th 2020 till this day 24th October 2020 is more than enough reason to say END BAD GOVERNANCE in Nigeria!!!

However, in the midst of all these despicable evils, I am so proud of this WOKE, phone pressing generation of young people that have risen to demand for good governance in Nigeria. With every fibre in me and a lot of Nigerians around the world, we greatly celebrate you (Nigerian youth), thank you for bravely rewriting history that generations unborn will ever be proud of.

In spite of all the push backs we might have recorded, we have achieved a lot and this is not the time to be discouraged and neglect the strides of change made so far. Rather, this is the time pick up the lessons gleaned in the span of recent weeks and re-strategise to move forward in our demand for good governance and end to impunity in Nigeria.

This is the best time to awaken to grass root politics and get involved at the decision making table. Be educated on the socio-political dynamics of our country no matter how small, from the party systems, electoral system, government processes and most of all our constitution across all tiers of government.

In preparation for 2023, Nigerian youths need to get organised, support and teach each other. Let everyone awake to contributing his /her quota and invest in Nigeria, we no longer stay indifferent to the progress of Nigeria. The least anybody can do is to engage and educate the nearest group of ‘street boys’ in your area. Be their friends and engage with them how they can be better persons and help the country to be better too. Doing nothing is no longer accepted in Nigeria.

I lie you not guys, this is the best time to be alive and be a youth in Nigeria! Yes, we are rewriting history to greatness and not for selfish purposes but for Nigeria’s rise to greatness and the prosperity of her people. We are travailing for a new Nigeria people not in a sprint but in a marathon race.

Cheers to a new Nigeria!!!

Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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