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It’s a Lagos Drama post,yaaayy!!!

It’s a blissful weekend, another opportunity to just breathe and chill from the heat of the week. Personally, I invest my Saturday mornings to doing this.

Okayyy… I have been getting DMs that it’s been a while I’ve written about Lagos Drama. So today, I’m thrilled to share with you the Lagos drama that I had this week!

One will never truly understand the Lagos-Agbero (lout) mode of money collection from transporters. On Wednesday, along Oba Akran where there is really no bus-stop, the danfo bus that I boarded was moving, then from nowhere one Agbero (lout) guy rushed towards the bus asking for money from the bus conductor.

If the danfo bus had picked a passenger at the bus-stop it could have been understandable or if at all there was a bus-stop there, it could have neared reasoning. But there was no bus-stop where the Agbero came to ask for money. Of course, the bus conductor and the driver didn’t want to pay the undeserved money and the Agbero threatened to beat the bus conductor.

This made one of the danfo passengers said in Yoruba ‘If you like yourself, better don’t touch him before you find yourself in trouble more than you bargain for. The woman then narrated how one Agbero was charged for murder because he tried to forcefully collect money from one bus conductor. The Agbero threw a punch at the bus conductor and like film trick the bus conductor slumped and died. The Agbero was charged to court, found guilty and sentenced to prison and all he kept saying was ‘I didn’t know he would die; I didn’t mean to kill him. I only tried to threaten him’.

By the time, the Agbero heard the passenger’s story, he just borrowed himself brain and he waka jeje (calmly walked) away. The female passenger spoke in Yoruba and gave vivid narration of unpleasant, restricted life in the prison in comparison to the freedom that the Agbero had before he landed himself into prison.  She said ‘You are not happy with the 50/100 naira you are peacefully collecting here abi? You want to join the imprisoned life at Panti abi?’ (Panti is a popular Police station in Lagos Mainland). The woman’s words kinda made everyone in the bus smile, even my tired self smiled.

As funny as the woman’s words seemed to the ears, there was an underlying sense that as humans we often don’t appreciate the present gift we have until we lose it. We often tend to take many things for granted forgetting that the things you have now is luxury to some people elsewhere.

Some other times, we get too familiar with the seemingly little gifts of life that we feel entitled to having them just like the Agbero who feels entitled or thinks it is his birthright to collect money from bus drivers or bus conductors.

I’m in no way discarding the pursuit/ desire for better things. Humans have been naturally wired in a way that at any level we find ourselves we always want more, this in itself is not wrong. It gets twisted when one is consumed with the demands of better things not yet gained while you forget or disregard the fundamental goodness that you have presently or have being enjoying all this while.

If the things that you have now but trivialize is taken from you, you can’t possibly think of the higher demands that you want.  My amazing Difers, don’t ever forget to be grateful for the seemingly little things that you have and that you consider normal. One of the wise women, Rev Funke Felix- Adejumo will say ‘It is not normal to be normal’.

Yes, it isn’t. The many things of life such as good air, water, food, shelter, clothing, health, laughter, relationship, family, hope, faith etc that you consider normal and take for granted is actually luxury to a number of people. The more you realise and stay conscious of this life’s fact, you become more grateful in your approach to making demands in life and as the rules of life works the more grateful you are the more of life’s blessings you enjoy.

Feel free to take an inventory of every bit of blessing that makes your life and you’ll realise that you have every reason to be grateful to God, the maker of the Universe. This will cause you to be joyful, enjoy peace and walk optimistically to having your further demands of life being provided.

Have a great weekend Difers and please free to share your comments with us in the comment section.

Je t’aime mon ami

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