Just Breathe

Just breathe!

Has it ever happened that you blank out? When your mind is in a preferred state of not thinking or mentally processing anything and all you want to do is JUST BREATHE.

Often times, we keep keeping up with the demands of life which can be overwhelming if not properly managed and truth is the demands of life never stops, the only time when the demands will stop is when someone is dead. So as long as you live, the demands of life will keep coming to you and yes you have to stay responsible to your assignments. 

However, as humans we always don’t feel pumped to keep firing, working to get tasks done or fulfill the assignments that we know and accept that are ours especially when we just hit a stumbling block or a discouraging mile. This is what you can succinctly describe as “when one’s strength is failing” but often we really don’t want to acknowledge this fact.

Refusal to acknowledge that our strength can fail as humans tilts us to keep stretching and pushing (I know this seems to be anti-motivational, but hol-up!) which leaves the mind, body and soul in an unhealthy state.

Truth is, life is not all about motivational juice of keep pushing, keep pushing! There are times, when you don’t even have to push or when you need to take a pause to reflect and decide if you need to still keep pushing or not.

Forget the unrealistic or unhealthy yenyen motivational spook, and allow yourself some periodic intervals of intentional efforts to do nothing than JUST BREATHE in the jungle of always keeping up with the world.

Don’t feel guilty about your need to intentionally take a break to JUST BREATHE. It is OK to shut out from the noise of the world, take a break, it could be mental, physical break, emotional/relationship break, it could even be break from social media.  This intentional break will help you

  • Calm down,
  • Recalibrate,
  • Entertain new/ fresh perspective,
  • Rightly prioritize your assignments and
  • Make you a better achiever

For me, my mind seems to always process something even if it is day dreaming but in the midst of these I allow myself to ‘Blank Out’ and I am usually at peace in these moments.

This weekend could be the break you need, take it and enjoy the priceless moment where all you do is JUST BREATHE.

Happy weekend to you. Je t’aime mon ami🤗❤🤗

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