Waiting for others to endorse you before you value yourself will tear you down.

Happy weekend to you! How was your first week in August? Any lesson or experience that have helped in your learning, relearning and unlearning process? Share with us in the comment section.

For me, some things stood out for me this past week that I would love to share. First, I watched Simi’s Stoopid Sessions , it was fun and enlightening. In one of the episodes, I got new information and it stirred something in me, I’m looking forward to the fruit of that seed of information.

Ok, a major highlight of this week for me happened on Monday at work . I was wrongly accused of ‘taking someone else’s shine or accolades’, specifically my supervisor’s shine, to think I noted this attitude in the review of the movie, Chalk ‘N’ Duster.

Thankfully, my Supervisor was there. She spoke up for me and explained the processes that got us to that good feat. Then I politely cut in and said ‘I think I should express myself; I don’t take people’s shine or glory. If this didn’t happen through the use of my skills I will not say it did. There have been weeks that nothing happened and I didn’t come here to say something happened’. We all got cleared and I have my amazing boss/supervisor to thank for it’

Guess you are thinking, ‘Why will she be accused of taking someone’s glory’. I really don’t have a perfect answer but I guess there’s this part of ‘Ife couldn’t have done that well’. This episode as short as it was questioned my integrity, competence and MYSELF in entirety. But as for me Ifeoluwa, external validation has little or no hold on me because I make daily effort by the help of the Holy Spirit to stay true to myself and retain the goodness in my heart.

The lesson I gleaned from this episode is not to build one’s validation on people’s judgement or views, endorse yourself first. Your journey to self-endorsement begins with equipping yourself with prowess to think and act rightly. Feel free to explore, consulting wise and competent people but at the end of the day, know that it is your call to make the final decision. So, it still arrives at your ability to think and act right.

See ehnnn, this life can be a riddle sometimes. You will be surprised that some of your so-called fans will fade away when you step higher or do better. You might think ‘but this person is supposed to be happy for me’ but sorry to bust your bubble mon ami, life is what it is, we sometimes fail ourselves.

Difers, be rightly equipped to endorse yourself first knowing that every other external validation and so-called fandom are ‘Jara’, and you can do well without them. Before you leave, I have good news for you. Dife Podcast, Episode 2 is out!!! Click here to hear and learn from the story/challenges of a single young lady living with her parents.

Have a pleasant weekend!!!

Je t’aime mon ami

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