female bosses
female bosses

What myths did you hear about female bosses?

Hi fam, how has the weekend been for you? It’s being a demanding one for me but through it I’m finding my tide of rest.

Last week’s  blog post What did you hear about female bosses?’ was a hit and it was trailed with different but well appreciated comments that enhanced my decision to create the second part of the post ’‘What did you hear about female bosses?’.

One of the comments that stirred me was the expression that females not males are more displeased by female leaders. Yet, these thoughts are borne out from unhealthy stereotypical thoughts about females in leadership positions.

So, today let’s check some of the stereotypical thoughts (MYTHS) about female bosses, female bosses are:

  • Rude
  • Inconsiderate and rigid
  • Easily biased.
  • Lack knowledge
  • Not supportive to their fellow women
  • Unambitious
  • Female bosses burst under pressure.

.And the seemingly good myths are:

  • More empathetic, 
  • More inclusive, 
  • More persuasive, 
  • Better risk-takers, 

I used the phrase seemingly good myths because these supposed good traits are stereotypically expected  to be possessed by female bosses and they’re mildly considered as reasons for giving women a seat at the table. Meanwhile, these traits are characters that every leader whether male or female should possess.

I’m sure there are more myths about female bosses than listed above. However, let’s assume all the listed myths are true. What can you do to change the narrative?

Your prejudices can cause an illusion in the way you perceive a boss or any other person, either female or male. Also, the earlier you realise that gender absolutely has nothing to do with character, the better your beliefs, reactions and relationships with people.

Whether we admit it or not, all the aforementioned are myths that the society has engraved in our subconscious but you can right the wrong by recognising the fact that A BOSS IS A BOSS. Whether a male or female, a boss is a boss, a leader is a leader. 

So, forget the whole stereotypical clout of female boss or male boss. We are all human beings made up of flesh and blood. Just understand the uniqueness of whoever your boss or leader is and learn to work with his/her uniqueness .

So, it all comes backs to you. Be that person of  good character and competence because someday you are gonna be a leader/boss too. Be conscious of the flow of your relationships with bosses (female or male), don’t let it go off the rails because of stereotypes.

Enjoy the blissful weekend. Je t’aime mon ami

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