On Dife Blog, Sundays are for movie reviews and today is no different. Today we have a Chinese movie, Mulan for review! Let’s get it started already. The movie Mulan alludes to Chinese Phoenix in Chinese mythology.

Mulan started with the monologue about an untypical girl child in a typical world. We were introduced to a young girl, full of life but possesses special powers that were not welcomed in a girl child. Her family tried to cover her super power saying there is no place for her powers in the world. However, even the world won’t have it as the world needed her and she courageously received the charge to step out into the world of men in battle and be all that she can be.

Of course, she made this decision without her family permission as they were surprised to wake up in the morning to find their daughter, Mulan gone with her father’s sword that engraves the three words Loyal, Brave and True.

In disguise, Mulan trained with men in preparation for battle. And of course the battleground is no place for disguise, with her skills and powers she helped to win the battle and revealed her true identity as a woman and not a man as expected in the Chinese army.

You will think they will accept her but no, she was expelled from the army for dishonesty; she disguised to be a man, Wang Jeung. Even though she asked to be killed rather than to be sent back home. Having been rejected, Mulan was wooed to join force with a female enemy who also possessed super powers like Mulan but she fights on the dark/evil side because her powers were not accepted by the right people.

This encounter uncovered the plots of the enemy to Mulan and she faithfully reported back to the soldiers’ camp to inform them of the enemy’s plan. With her colleagues’ support, her report was believed and she was made to lead the soldiers to fight in defence for the kingdom.

Mulan with the support of both natural and supernatural forces overcame the enemy. However, she refused the reward of promotion and national recognition for the purpose of going back home to her family to seek for forgiveness. This was a rare devotion to family and the emperor granted her request.

At home, Mulan was lovingly received by her family especially her father. This scene got better when the emperor’s emissaries came to Mulan’s home to honour her with the Emperor’s royal invite to the imperial army with the beautiful gift of the sword which has the mantras, Loyal, Brave, True and surprisingly there was the 4th mantra which was Devotion to family which was ignited by Mulan’s action.

Mulan story shares with us how someone can courageously scale through the hurdles of life against the many challenges and still hold on to goodly values. It takes courage to take your place in life.

The overriding theme in this movie is Gender discrimination. Sadly, this exist in every place of the world. Mulan broke the record and against the status quo became the first woman in the army. It was pathetic to watch her disguise; she deprived herself of enough sleep like the rest, she didn’t take her bathe until she was poked by her colleagues that she smells even though she was a skilful soldier. And the close shave scene where one of her colleagues joined her in the river to bathe. I was afraid, her disguise cover would blow but ‘No’ it didn’t.

The movie also reflects, Family and love, this was so evident in the Father’s prayers for Mulan after he discovered had ran away with his sword and armor to fight for the Kingdom. Was his prayer answered? Yes, as the Phoenix showed up whenever Mulan was in danger.

Team work is also a theme that was promoted, an army is true to its name because there is team work, this was seen at the river scene when Mulan was bathing and in a bid to cover up turned her back and refused the hand of friendship with a male colleague, the colleague said ‘You can turn you back on me, but when the time comes, you can’t turn your back on them’. Also, the scene where the witch fighter led Mulan to where the Emperor was to be killed by the arch enemy can be accorded. Women Supporting Women theme. The witch even took the arrow shot at Mulan and died

In summary, the Mulan story is a well scripted story that address gender discrimination especially in the Chinese, Asian society and in the military too. It also propagates the virtues of Loyalty, Bravery and Truth.

The movie ended beautifully with the monologue of Mulan’s evolution, ‘And the girl became a soldier and a soldier became a leader and a leader became a legend’. Eventually, Mulan fulfilled her job of bring honour to the family as daughter.

I leave you with Mulan’s father words, ‘There is no courage without fear’, be courageous and leap over your fears. Have a fulfilling week ahead.
Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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