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Yes, I am that lady who got stranded at the Island and begged two ladies and an Agbero boss to get back home😎😎.

Last week Thursday, I had an official assignment at Dolphin estate, Ikoyi Lagos. Yes, the appointment went well but I needed to use the ATM so I could get money for my transport fare. Before I left the office, my boss promised to send me some money for my tfare so I went to the ATM to withdraw the money, lo and behold all I got was ‘Insufficient funds’πŸ™„πŸ™„.

I called my brother and some friends to send me money, they did, yet my account was not credited. I became officially stranded at Ikoyi πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”while I strolled around different ATM locations hoping for a miracle that at least one of the money sent will come through.

After I had waited for over 2 hours, I summoned courage and walked up to 2 young ladies who had just finished using the ATM machine, I explained my plight of my account not being credited though money has been sent. I begged them to give me N200 to add to the cash with me so I could get to the office and they gave me the N200 I requested for.

I got to the park late so I couldn’t get bus to the office location. By this time, it was past 7pm, I had to call my boss to inform her that I was going home straight after I had walked up to the bus conductor, inquired about the tfare and I realised the amount was more than what I had.

I told the bus conductor my plight. He directed me to the park’s Agbero boss who was standing close by. I walked up to the man, told him how I have insufficient funds that can’t pay for the tfare. The man graciously obliged me and allowed me to board the bus with the insufficient money for tfare that I had.

I was almost home when access bank decided to credit my account. I sadly stared at the phone πŸ˜” watching 3-4 bank credit alerts on my phone within 5 minutes. I got home tired and wondered why I had that kind of unpleasant experience.

I made a pledge never to totally rely on banking services in Nigeria and like Chinko Ekun never to put my bank account in an ‘insufficient fund’ condition again.

As unpleasant as that day event turned out to be, I made a lifetime decision that day with an assurance that it’s gonna get better. There is no need to brood on the day’s unpleasantness forgetting to pick the day’s lesson. Don’t spend time thinking about the past without picking the lessons. Glean the lessons and move on.

Enjoy a ‘no more insufficient fund’ November!

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