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Last week was quite eventful for me. I try to find laughter in the most difficult and trivial times yet witnessing how Nigerians daily struggle to survive saddens my heart😞😢😔.

The Nigerian society will make you reckon that successful people are self-made when you see how Nigerians practically work themselves to the ladder of success against all socio-economic odds. I mean apart from being born and living in Nigeria, there is really nothing tangible that the socio-economic status of Nigeria offers for a good life.

My Project Officer do say “Life is hard”, she can’t be less right as the Bible quote “the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violence take it by force” also applies to having a standard life in the Nigerian society. Standard living in the Nigerian society does not necessarily include luxury. What an average Nigerian requires for standard living is food, decent shelter and clothing.

Many a times, after the struggle of Lagos traffic I get back from work tired to the greeting of my 10 year old brother “Welcome, how was your journey?’ Do you think he is wrong to say ‘journey’? Actually he is not, if you consider that the 3 hours return trip from work within Lagos can be used for traveling to and fro Lagos/ Ibadan.

Let me confess to you, I do most of my blog post draft in traffic. So that the 3 hours on road won’t be a total waste. Statistics reveals that if you live and work in Lagos you probably have spent a quarter span of your lifetime in traffic. If you have actively lived for 24 years in Lagos then 8 years of your life have been spent in traffic.

The recent discovery that Nigerians have the highest level of happiness gene in the whole world is actually a divine set up. God already knows what Nigerian will inherently deal with as a citizen of a country like ours so He equipped us with the fortitude 💪💪to bear it and thrive regardless.

If you are still wondering why I laugh the way I do🤣😂, you now have a plausible answer, I am a Nigerian😎! Coupled with the fact that I am a bonafide Yoruba babe where we have the happiness gene flowing more abundantly in us. Little wonder Yoruba’s OWAMBE is second to none. We simply rock party like there’s no tomorrow💃💃.

The rest of the world should respect Nigerians biko. It’s not easy to be a Nigerian, living and thriving in Nigeria is a big deal ooo. 🥂🥂Cheers to every Nigerian who is not giving up, who keeps fighting for a great, purpose-fulfilling life.

I leave you with DJ Switch’s song ” “Naija I dey hail o, na no dey fail o.
Even if the country dey wail oo, na still dey sail ooo’

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