Two weeks ago, I recounted how I lost 17k . Chaii😯! It pained me but I tried to be strong knowing it’s going to pass with time but I am here with good news. Wait for it, don’t be in a hurry, I have a confession to make first.

It took me a couple of days before I could tell my mum about the money loss because I don’t want her drama to worsen the situation for me than it already is. If you are a Nigerian, you know how dramatic Nigerian mothers can be🤦‍♀. I eventually told her 2 days after, when I had calmed down and the pain of 17k loss was gradually fading off with time.

Surprisingly, my mum disappointed me🙄. She didn’t put up any drama, she didn’t even make any comment that I can pointedly recall nor use words/actions to ‘add salt to my injury’.

This made me realise that “Ifeoluwa, just face it! Don’t be afraid of what people think . Imagine the worse that could happen and just face it”. Like me, you might just be disappointed and eventually realise that there is no worse thing that can happen when you decide to just do it regardless. Yorubas will say “Ma ku le ki iku to de” (don’t die before death really comes)

OK, so after somedays when I had almost given up on any chance of refund, my ED called me to his office and said the organization will bear the cost of the training, so there will be a REFUND for me but I had to take the course seriously. Mehhhnnnn😳😃! I didn’t expect it at all.

Now, looking at the way the 17k loss happened, I am so convinced it was a divine set up for me to step up. God knew I needed the training and I wouldn’t do it on my own because I am not boxed up enough for it. Hence, God the Master Planner divinely orchestrated the set up for me so I can step up.

Right now, I am taking a paid course at Coursera and I am really getting better even my boss attests to it. Permit me to brag about my progress so far in the course, yayyyy💃💃! I have been an A student, I deserve some accolades😀. By the way, my course instructor, Quentin teaches interestingly and I look forward to each class.

So Difers, be rest assured that the Master Planner got you. The challenge you are going through is a set up for you to step up. Take the challenges, glean the lessons and GBESE (STEP UP)🧗‍♂🧗‍♀.

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