Yesterday, I talked with some girls about building and harnessing strength. And now, it’s as if yesterday waited for today so that I can be fully weighed. Early this morning at work, I got a shocker news that got me screaming ‘Yeeeeeee!’ that my boss was scared and worried. She asked me what happened, it took me almost a minute before I could muster strength to reply her. I couldn’t try to form posh at all, I was standing when I got the message, I had to quickly sit when it hit me that a sizable amount of money has been debited from my account because of a free trial course I registered for. I attempted cancellation of the subscription before the trial ended which I thought was successful. Only to discover today that my effort to cancel the free trial subscription didn’t actually go through.

Though, my bank account is currently running on cashless policy, I am still laughing at little things. I don’t know how but this experience didn’t ruin my output or mood at work, I got better in my para-design skills, I still laughed and smiled. I almost forgot it happened until I was rounding off at work and checked the opened tabs on my system since the beginning of today’s work then I saw the tab that confirmed the disappearance of my 17k to a course I didn’t even open a single module at all.

If this is another way of building strength then I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me I am building my own strength but it’s hard mehnnnn. I just realized that you need strength to build strength. If you have any story to encourage me at this point, kindly share. Help a sister. Merci.

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