Last weekend witnessed #GofundTacha, #WorldTachaday as Twitter Nigeria’s top trends after Saturday Big Brother Naija’s eviction night. It was really a sickening sad feeling seeing Nigerians do cyber-ranting and even donate for Tacha just because you feel it is injustice for Tacha to have been evicted while Mercy remains in the house. Even if Tacha was truly a subject of injustice, what is Tacha’s injustice compared to the myriad of injustices that ceaselessly flows in Nigeria? Yet, we can’t record a quarter of Nigerians who donated for Tacha’s cause to have ever unanimously donated or do cyber-protest for a more worthy cause that affects Nigeria’s economy, politics etc. Really, #WorldTachaday is not even supposed to be on Nigerians’ list of concerns at all. It is getting clearer that Nigerians thrives on trivialities, there is always a trendy distraction per time as subject of focus on trivialities.

One can be pushed to say that Nigerians deserve the kind of leaders we have but I know we can do better. There is no need for blame-shifting on any group of Nigerians as being responsible for Nigeria’s failing system. What we need as Nigerians is to really get serious as citizens of a country, take responsibility for making Nigeria work in different spheres.

It’s high time we re-focused on things that really count to make Nigeria work and shift from trivialities that ridicule our thought processes as citizens of a country, shift from being a country tagged as joke because her citizens seem to be jokers.
With every bit of hope, Happy Independence Day as Nigerians work to be good people great nation.

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