I have not been faithful with blogging for the past two weeks🙈🙈, no excuse can atone for the unfaithfulness, I apologize. I am steadily back now. I look forward to getting better and maximising this platform more. While I was away, I tried not to burn out, so I got to that stage where I really had to be sincere with myself and I realise the need to declutter. The Holy Spirit helped me to actually acknowledge the wood that needed to be remove from the fire so that the fire does not burn out because the goal is that the fire keeps being aglow, burning and not burn out.

If you have ever had the opportunity to witness cooking with firewood you know that sometimes some couple of woods need to be retracted from the fire to make the fire burn well. Though all the woods are meant to help the fire to burn but they are not meant to be in the fire at the same time. Some woods might not be dried enough that it still need more time to get dried. This analogy is to help you realise that some times you might need to declutter, relieve yourself of some tasks. Though, the tasks are gainful but you might have too many tasks running at the same time and this easily gets you weary, ineffective even in the best of tasks that you do excellently well before. Or, it could be that it’s not time to take up those tasks yet. Ability to wisely declutter is not negation to your multi-tasking ability cause I believe in the multi-dimensional expression of oneself but this should not be pursued at the risk of losing it all which happens when you burn out in your pursuit.

Apart from being sincere with yourself, you also need courage to be able to remove the excessive woods from your fire, courage to say ‘NO’ to the tasks you have said ‘YES’ to earlier, courage to diss what people will think or say because you pulled out of something that is draining you but they are oblivious of it because it’s not their life, it’s your life. At the end of it all, you will realize YOU matter most.

So I found courage to pull out my excessive wood and give space for my fire to breathe and keep burning aglow with pledge to myself to do excellently well in all l prioritise to do. Watch out guys, I promise to stay consistently relevant in your digital space. Will you like to share your own episode of sincerity and courage to declutter? Feel free to make use of the comment box or inbox via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook . Don’t worry, we can keep you anonymous if you want.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, don’t forget to map out your new week schedule cause you got to maximise each seconds.
Je t’aime mon amiee.

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