Hey difers! How are you? How was your week? For me, Lagos traffic is not helping my transit to work so I join the throng of Lagosian to say #EkoMustMove, if you want the gist check out dife blog page on twitter. Also, in the course of the week, difeblog had a social media post on Instagram where I shared how a guy I invited for a job used ‘babe’ for me in his message to me. As follow-up to that social media post I will be sharing some tips on how to communicate effectively featuring mutual respect. I personally don’t like it at all when you communicate with someone disrespectfully no matter how small the person may be. As lenient as I can be, I am sensitive to disrespectful signals during communication yet I uphold candid, effective communication, I am like ‘Unku/Hanty talk your talk well, there is no time biko’.

OK, so here are some tips you can follow through for achieving effective communication with the inclusion of mutual respect.
Endeavor to give undivided attention: In some cultural climes, it is respectful to accept a business card with two hands and place it on the table, rather than put it away in your pocket. It is about attention. When someone offers you their business card and receives yours with two hands, it is about giving you their undivided attention. Being respectful through communication is key to developing relationships, climbing the ladder of career success and maximising your workplace environment, some doors/offices will open for you because of your courteous communication not necessarily because of how skilled you are.

Listen attentively: Effective and respectful communication goes beyond your own talk or what you say, your ability to listen effectively is very important. Listen attentively and give short conversation feedbacks like ‘OK, Really, I understand, yes’ etc.Be an active listener.

Avoid transfer of aggression: Some times, we have bad days, things are not going well as you want it. Awwwwwww! I understand you can be frustrated but try as much as possible to calm down. Tell yourself ‘it’s gonna get better’ and if you can read or listen to some audio for few minutes that will help to relieve the tension, please do(I do this often, it works well). So, when communicating with people and you are not feeling too good, be kind enough not to transfer aggression, frustration to them. Remember no negative vibe from you. Even if you are given a negative vibe, let it stop with you, don’t pass it.

Confront issues not people : The best way to address a problem is head -on. Don’t go about reporting issues to people that can’t help resolving the issue, don’t talk behind people’s backs. You are not please with what someone is doing, just straighten the situation directly with the person in a constructive and respectful manner.

Avoid cynicism: Constructive criticism helps a lot but being cynical destroys please don’t try to replace or confuse criticism with cynisim. A cynic pulls down people’s confidence and goodwill. Give constructive feedback and mention what people can do differently to grow and allow people to express their opinions, let them know that you value their opinions. With this, you can encourage them or guide them in getting better. Cultivate a positive lifestyle.

Knowing that everyone matters helps you to communicate respectfully with people no matter who they are. This reflect the strength of your character and your character is your lifestyle. Enjoy the rest of your day. Je t’aime mon ami😍😘

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