How to overcome bad mood

Bad mood? Let’s get out of it!

Half of this week, as soon as I am awake and prepping for work I noticed that I was in a bad mood. I got easily annoyed and snapped at the slightest provocation. For example; when I was told my little Sis spoilt one of my favourite trousers🤦‍♀. Still prepping for work, I was alone for three/four minutes and I asked myself.

‘Ife, why are you unhappy? Why are you in a bad mood? I answered myself with the justification that I had worked most of the night. So, it’s hangover of not having enough sleep. Then to myself, ‘That is no justification for you to have bad mood’ I agree. I had to truthfully realize that starting the day in bad mood will only attract bad energy to me, and that I don’t want.

So, I started singing ‘I got joy like a river, joy like a river, joy like a river, joy like a river in my soul’. Within 4 minutes, my mood became better and I left home for work at peace with my folks and in a good mood. This episode of mood swings happened 2/3 times to me this week but I am always quick to notice it and I don’t let it linger. Yeahhh…the week ended on a good note for me. By God’s favour, an issue I have been trying to resolve at work for couple of weeks was resolved and I met new people (I love meeting people).

There are good days and there are bad days. We are humans and we surely do have emotions; sometimes we feel happy other times we may feel sad. This can also be known as mood swings but what do you do when you are in a bad mood? How best do you behave when you know you are in an ‘uncool’ mood?  So, let’s deal with how to overcome bad moods?

Be mindful of yourself: It takes an act of mindfulness to notice and acknowledge you are in a bad mood. Being mindful is being alert and honest with your thoughts and feelings, don’t sweep them under the carpet. Don’t indulge yourself in wandering thoughts. If you notice something ‘uncool’ in your thoughts, hold on a bit and deal with it.

Have some self-compassion: A renowned psychologist, Dr Kristin Neff defined  self-compassion as practicing self-kindness over self-evaluation, don’t be too hard on yourself. Self-compassion involves seeing ourselves through kind, yet honest, eyes. Having a bad mood is not good for you so be kind enough to yourself to step out of bad mood as soon as possible. Yes, that is self-compassion.

Be deliberate: With the goal to come out of bad moods, engage with positive materials that you know can lift your mind and soul from bad moods. The truth is what we hear have strong effect on our hormones, feelings and thoughts. I will advise you to sing/speak or listen to positive audio materials that you know when you hear it, bad energy disappears from you. This could be songs (gospel songs), confessions, words from your preferred preacher/friend or audio bible even funny skits.

Keep it simple: Don’t over think. When you are in a bad mood is not a time to think about people’s ‘uncool’ action and inactions towards you. Just focus on getting yourself out of a bad mood by keeping your thoughts simple and clean.

I leave you with this quote from anonymous ‘Everyday may not be a good day but there’s something good in everyday’.

Feel free to share with us the tips that work for you to overcoming bad moods. Have a pleasant weekend Difers.

Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗

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