Hello beautiful Epiphaners!

The past week was enlightening, everyday came with something new. On Thursday, I was at Surulere, Lagos Nigeria and I noticed a tricycle rider dressed in a white shirt, black trousers and red tie. I was amused so I thought to myself that maybe the man was trying to be distinct in his packaging to boost business. Walking further, when I was about to board a tricycle to my destination I entered into a waiting tricycle headed to my destination and I was surprised to see two beautiful containers filled with sweets meant to be taken by the passengers. In my mind, I was like ‘Really????, in this Lagos? You expect me to take sweets in an unknown tricycle or given by an unknown person? To turn into what or disappear to where?’.

I was still brooding on this when the tricylce rider came and he was dressed in black trousers, white shirt with red tie, now I began to perceive that there was something I was missing. As the tricycle rider entered his tricycle, one of the passengers engaged him in a conversation that was enlightening to me.

So, I got to know that there is now a formal organisation of tricycle riders in the cosmopolitan city of Lagos where the riders are to be dressed formally/ corporately. Of course, the tricycle had features that the ordinary ones don’t have, it has a mini-screen placed for the passengers to watch cartoons in transit, it has a mini-fan, speakers, sweets and free wifi when you are on board in the tricycle. I was surprised.

The co-passenger said there was an organisation that had tried something similar to this new formal tricycle organisation but packed up later. He hoped this present organisation will take some cues from their predecessor, learn from their pitfalls and avoid those pitfalls so that they can be successful. He even gave the name of the failed tricycle organisation so it can help the new organisation to make their findings. Me with my thoughts, I hope this new tricycle organisation will not fail, at least Taxify, Uber and Gokada are rays of hope for it to work.

Enjoy the new week guys!

Je t’aime.

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