Despite the praise and inspiration that Beyonce has generated with her Coachella performance, Arianna Grande, 25 years old who also performed in 2019 Coachella got more pay than Beyonce with a whooping difference of 4 million dollars. This signals that being at the fore-front doesn’t always give you the best of things, however, make your impact and live great.

The world is in the hit of Beyonce’s $60 million Homecoming Netflix film. The impact a woman of focus on limitless greatness can achieve is incredible. She kept pushing and pushing the bars to fulfil the future unimaginable that she envisioned. Earlier, this week, I watched Spice TV’s recap of how Beyonce STATED that her husband cheated on her, without drama or social media troll, she simply expressed her knowledge of her husband cheating on her. You would have expected a fuss that would break her or her marriage but she didn’t allow anything to put her down or destroy her.

Also, Tiger Woods return can be likened to the Yoruba adage ‘Agbo ti o fi eyin rin lo, agbara lo lo muwa’ which means ‘the comeback of the sheep is to reinforce and conquer’. Tiger Woods past unpleasant circumstances is no news, his divorce issues, health issues, sex scandals, imprisonment and his loss of almost all the fortunes he had. One can even likened Tiger Woods to Job in the bible. Right now, Tiger Woods is the Tiger that is out of the Woods and he is the winner of 2019 Masters at Augusta in the United States.

This Easter celebration for me is a reflective season when I am more determined to strive for excellence and attain greatness. No to distractions, I refuse to settle for less and give up.

By the way, it’s being a while since I posted in this space that is because something better is cooking and preparation is on.  However, the epiphany still keeps going. To keep up with the epiphanous revelings of Dife’s Epiphany Blog. Kindly follow Dife’s Epiphany Blog on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Easter!

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