Experienced Flip switcher, this is for you!

My people!!! Happy weekend

Trust your week was good, knowing that the challenges, laughter, indifference, sadness, smiles, and lessons in the past week were worth the ride in the journey of a better you.

My Lagos people, I have a song for you,

“Lagos bridge is shutting down, shutting down, shutting down

Lagos bridge is shutting down, my dear people”

With this, I say a cheerful welcome to the next 6 months of Lagos’ gridlock traffic with the just begun partial close of the 3rd Mainland Bridge. Brace up guys! I witnessed the first day of the partial close of the bridge and mehnnn, ‘Ko funny rara’ (it’s wasn’t funny at all). One thing I am sure about is that las las we are all gonna be fine.

In this blog post I have a question for you, but before the question let me give you the background story, here we go. A guy worked in a complex that accommodates 3 different organizations. The organization that this guy worked for is a law firm and he was well known by other workers in the complex. One day, other complex workers noticed that this guy who worked in a law firm has shifted office from the law firm to another organization in that same complex. Meaning, he no longer worked at the law firm but he now works in another organization within the same complex.

The silent drama becomes more interesting because the guy’s mode of dressing changed immediately, he switched jobs from the law firm to the other organization. This guy was initially known to be a simple dresser of unfashionable big T-shirt with trousers and often wears faded Ankara on Fridays. But a miracle happened to his dress sense when he joined the new organization. Our guy became a flip switcher by wearing shirt  trouser and tie to the new office, sometimes he adds a suit to it sef. Needless to say, other workers in the complex were surprised the first day they saw him dress corporate as a new worker of the other company and commented about the guy’s guts to be able to switch jobs between two organizations in the same complex.

I got to know about it and I ask myself, “Ifeoluwa, can you do that?” Or rather “Is the guy’s action good enough?”. I have had personal experience of switching jobs within the same local government area, it even happened that my former boss had come to pick me in the new work area because he had a project he wanted me to do with his new team.

So guys, back to my question, should switching jobs in the same complex be encouraged? How about in the same street? What do you think should be the appropriate distance between the organizations one switches jobs with?

There are no right or wrong answers, please reply in the comment section. We are simply on a journey to help one another make better decisions and be better persons. Looking forward to your replies.

Have a pleasant weekend Difers.

Je t’aime mon ami!

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