Hello Difers, happy weekend!

Thank you all for celebrating me on my birthday. You guys actually made my day. The wishes which came in various forms: through status updates, text messages, VNs DMs etc. were so heartwarming💗. I kept smiling😃 like a lady that is being wooed.

Some years ago, one of my colleagues told me, ‘Ife, do you know you have a knack for writing succinctly. The way you write on your status to celebrate people on their birthdays is interestingly succinct. You should explore writing more.’ I simply nodded, smiled and thanked him but those sincere and encouraging words had stuck with me for years and I appreciate it till today. For me, one of my innate strengths was identified in my acts of celebrating people.

The feeling I had on my birthday inspired this blog post, so I thought to share some thoughts on the efficacy of celebrating people. The first often unacknowledged truth about celebrating people is that when you celebrate people you not only do something good to the celebrants but you also enhance your heart into a state of goodness. You would agree with me that the state of your heart matters a lot!

Celebrating people gives you the opportunity to acknowledge people’s effort and goodness, and possibly learn from them. For instance, if the celebrant is someone who calls to check up on you often then you can learn the soft-skill of checking up on people from them or if you see someone that is being celebrated to be hardworking, this could motivate you to putting more effort in your pursuit and be hardworking too. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to say ‘Thank you’ to the celebrant’s presence in your life.

Now, because you are not an eye service/selfish person, your act of celebrating people should also have positive impact to the celebrants. First, when you celebrate people, you help them identify their strengths so they can maximize/explore their area of strengths. Unknowingly to you, it might help them in their self-discovery process.

Also, your acts of celebrating people help to make them happy about their existence/life. You help to assure them that they are living a life that is loved and appreciated by others. You make the celebrants feel loved; and just like that, you are making depression far from them as you are giving them beautiful reasons to live more.

Basically, celebrating people is to honour and appreciate them. Life does not always give us the opportunity to appreciate one another; so, if you get a chance to celebrate the people in your life, please do so as often as possible.

Personally, I maximise the chance of people’s birthday to celebrate them and periodically, I create time to celebrate the people who are helping me in my journey of evolving, even when it’s not their birthdays.

Of course, I have birthday souvenir for you too, O yes I do! (Dazz how starz do). Click here to access this God-picked gift from me to you.

Thank you once again for celebrating me on my birthday. Nations will celebrate you!

I love and celebrate you. Je t’aime mon ami😘😘.

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