Movie review: Fatherhood

It’s been a while without a movie review, let’s clean off the dust.

The movie Fatherhood came recommended to me. And yes, there was no disappointment at all. The movie alternated between flashbacks and present-day shots showing how a couple who had anticipated the birth of their first child, finally gave birth to their baby. While they were grateful for just passing through the storm of childbirth, within minutes death snatched Lizzie, the beautiful wife and new mother from her husband, Matt. Painfully, we watched the unspeakable anguish of the husband and the wife’s parents who flew in after the news of a safe delivery only to be met with the news and corpse of their daughter.

The present-day shot was at the wife’s funeral where the husband, Matt was expected to give a speech. Afterward, we were shown how family and friends consoled him and even advised him to give the newly born baby to his mother-in-law for proper care as he may not be able to do that. Matt, though grieving insisted that he will take care of his daughter on his own.

This decision led to another series of a young grieving husband struggling to be a father to a baby girl named Maddy. At this point, you will agree with me that the movie should be titled “The struggles of Fatherhood”, watching the disgusting diaper-changing sessions, the irritable baby’s cries at night, and at the office(Matt took the baby to his office). The peak at the office scenes was when Matt during a business presentation heard his baby’s cry and dashed out of the presentation to attend to the baby. Afterward, we saw Matt with Maddy sleeping on his shoulders while he continued with his presentation.

Time flew by, baby Maddy grew to be a beautiful girl that her father lovingly cared for and trained. Matt gradually got attracted to a lady who coincidentally had the same name, Lizzie as that of his deceased wife. Mr lover man found new love, took the day off to spend with his new girlfriend and somehow that same day his daughter fell, was taken to the same hospital where his wife died. Swimming in the pool of love, he had missed calls from his daughter’s school. Finally, he reached for his phone, saw the missed calls, afraid he would lose his daughter again rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, his daughter was well treated but he blamed himself for negligence that almost made him lose his daughter and this made him refrained from his newfound love.

Demands at work required him to travel, he struggled to leave his daughter, had to take Maddy to his inlaw’s place in Minnesota. He had trouble putting up with his mother-in-law, he didn’t want to stay but Maddy wanted to. With a heart of selflessness, he sacrificed his happiness and had to leave Maddy to stay with her grandparents for their happiness. 

Getting back home, he missed his daughter so badly but he tried to move on with work’s demands. He got promoted at work, this required traveling often, first to Croatia then to London, etc.  At the airport, en route to Croatia with his friend and partner at work, he saw scenes that made him rethink his decision. At that instant, he recognized that children grow and one of the joys of fatherhood is to watch his daughter, Maddy grow. So, he decided not to be alienated from his daughter.

 Immediately Matt committed the work to his friend and went off to Minnesota to have his daughter back. He would work, care for His daughter and enjoy the joys of fatherhood. With Maddy back, both father and daughter went to regain Matt’s newfound love, Lizzie. The movie Fatherhood had a blissful ending that made the time used to watch the movie worth it.

Cheers to celebrating men who are truly a blessing in their family, community, and the world at large. Your sacrifices and labor of love are cherished. We are thankful for the gift of you!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend fam. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗!

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