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Watching the first scene in this movie, Tulsa, I just knew I was about to see a good movie worthy of review and I wasn’t disappointed. The movie’s name alone inferred couple of things to me. First, Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma, USA and it is also a location popularly referred to in Christendom as the birth location for pentecostal revival.

However, Tulsa here is the name of the movie where a 9 year old girl named Tulsa was connected to her supposed biological father after she and her foster brother were rescued  from the custody of an abusive foster mother.  Clinging to her late biological mother’s bible and a picture of her biological  parents, she told the Social Worker, Ms Jaylene that she wanted to find her real dad. With the  picture, the Social Worker, Ms Jaylene recognized the supposed father as her high school friend, Tommy Colston. She called him, told him he has a daughter, they met up and Tulsa was temporarily made to stay with her father, Tommy Colston while they await a paternity test result.

For a 9 year old that had always desired living with her father, Tulsa lovingly fought and planted her presence in Tommy’s life even if Tommy wasn’t ready to function as a father as he struggled to live with alcohol, pills. They needed to pose alright and lovingly like a family so that Tommy would gain permanent custody of Tulsa. So, Tulsa made effort to clear the house, took out all of Tommy’s cigarettes and alcohol, initiated painting the apartment, rearranged the house to a home especially with her sweet smile, sarcasm and body language to make her father, Tommy Colston do what was needed in order to be ready for the inspection by the State’s Social Worker official. Tulsa was such  a pest in Tommy’s life that Tommy described Tulsa as ‘She is the most stubborn, arrogant, hardhearted, know-it-all I’ve ever met’.

Of course with time, the Daddy-Daughter affection grew. Through Tulsa, Tommy ‘found’ and accepted Jesus, they had beautiful Daddy-Daughter scenes that would plant a smile😀 on your face until our Tulsa had a road accident on her way to school after she had pleaded with her father to let her walk to school which was just 3 blocks away from the house. The scenes became heart wrenching 💔as the father who had grown to really love his daughter slept at Tulsa’s sick bed at the hospital. He watched his precious daughter writhe in pain and battled with the fear of losing the only reason his life had become beautiful.

As days passed by in the hospital, it became obvious that Tulsa might not make it. Tommy ensured that the Daddy-Daughter Dance Competition that both of them were supposed to participate in before the accident didn’t elude them. With the help of the doctor, nurse , Ms Jaylene, Tommy successfully took Tulsa, to the dance competition and it was really an emotionally beautiful scene watching both daddy and daughter👨‍👧 danced as that was the final thing they ever did together. From the competition venue, Tommy carried his daughter to the hospital for surgery. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it, Tulsa died😭.

As a smart kid that Tulsa was, she had written a letter tucked in Tommy’s jacket before she died “Daddy, we both know that sometimes life is not fair but we can always trust that God is good. Spending time with my Dad was the best dream come true, only better. Kids need a great dad you know. You must stay strong and not blame yourself for what happened, it’s okay…I love you and I’m proud of you Tommy Colston.’’😭😍❤ It was after Tulsa’s death that we were made to know that Tulsa was not actually Tommy’s daughter, the paternity test result was negative. Tommy knew but that didn’t change his love for Tulsa!

A year later, the final scene revealed Jaylene’s baby bump for Tommy Colston and Tommy adopted Michael, Tulsa’s foster brother as Tulsa requested in her letter. The movie ‘Tulsa’ ended beautifully with a smile planted on the audience’s face like mine😀.

I cried while watching this movie, Tulsa. Yeahh, some of the scenes were emotional for me. Above alI, I felt blessed watching this movie, no seconds wasted in watching Tulsa. For the fact that today is Father’s day, this movie review is dedicated to every great dad in the world. Happy Fathers’ Day to you. Thank you for being awesome and present, you are loved and valued much more than you can imagine. For Father’s day souvenir, check this post, Lessons from my Father.

Hope you had a pleasant read as much as I did writing this movie review. Thanks for reading, please feel free to share the link with your contact and for what it’s worth, celebrate the father figure in your life today.

Je t’aime mon ami🤗😘🤗!

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