The Sleepover

The Sleepover is a 2020 action comedy movie that depicted parents’ trials of raising children and preventing them from making the same mistakes they(parents) had made when they were younger.

It was amusing to see a young boy of 5/6 years old tell his family history with so much unreal imagination. He said rubbish with confidence but his attitude was amusing. It didn’t take long to know that this young boy’s name was Kevin and he was an imaginative, expressive boy whose ‘restroom dance’ video became viral and this led the bad guys to trace Kevin’s family specifically his mum.

 While Kevin’s mum, Margot tried to protect her firstborn, Clancy from youthful wildlings both mother and daughter disagreed and the daughter attempted to sneak out to a party with her friend Mim but the night was silently disrupted by bad guys who kidnapped the parents. The children were alerted by Kevin’s friend, Lewis who came for a boys’ sleepover at the house. Whoop! The children’s plan for party and sleepover became a rescue mission for their parents. Guided by the clues left by the Mum who was previously a bad girl who steals expensive things, the children intuitively followed through with each clue that gradually revealed their mum was a badass Ninja.

Margot had a whole different life before she married her husband and father of her children, Ron. Her name was Maltilda and she had a fiancé, they were both Ninjas who stole very expensive things. 15 years ago, she quitted the criminal life alongside her former fiancé , Leo before they separated and got under the witness protection program. Now, the bad guys are back to force her and her former fiancé to steal a really expensive crown. Accompanied by her husband, Margot and Leo embarked on the last mission for the bad guys to steal the crown. The mission was successful even at the appearance of the children who helped in getting the crown.

One would have thought that the movie would end there, but no, tables turned when friends became foes. Leo took possession of the crown and he revealed himself as the evil mastermind who staged the bad guys to track Maltilda and force her and himself to steal the crown. Afterwards they attempted to trap Maltilda as the criminal and to be arrested by the police while Leo runs away with the stolen crown.

The entire family in pursuit of Leo successfully fought to overpower Leo and retrieved the crown to hand it over to the police. The movie ended in a beautiful way as both mother and daughter reconciled their differences. Within 24 hours, Clancy rapidly grew to appreciate her mother more and understood that her mum’s rules of no party, no dyed hair, no personal cell phone were all loving measures to protect her from straying into the evils of life. Margot allowed her daughter to go to Boston for music studies.

Mim and Clancy recognized Kevin’s bravery and creative wits that saved them whenever they were close to being caught. The movie Sleepover was a happy ending movie that makes you feel you invested over an hour to watching a good movie.

The movie reminded me of these words ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. Even Margot’s husband found it difficult to believe that his wife was a badass Ninja but regardless he stayed supportive of his wife which points to an enduring and true love.

Hope you had a pleasant read. Thanks for reading and do enjoy the rest of the Easter break. Je t’aime mon ami

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