Hmmm…ever heard of office politics? Let’s talk about the corporate sphere and its ethos.

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Some weeks ago, a junior colleague sent me messages asking about how I multitask to get my responsibilities at work done. I smiled and was surprised someone thinks about me in that light. I honestly told her I wasn’t always like she described, I grew into it and I am still growing then I shared a couple of tips with her.

The following week, I was at the desk of another junior colleague then he unexpectedly shared with me some of his displeasure on the job. Of course I know that work is not all that rosy but I had no idea the guy was struggling that much.  I listened to him talk, shared some of my personal experiences on the job with him and in conclusion advised him to just Farabale (calm down). His present experiences happen to the best of us who are on a growth curve.

Riding on my previous engagements with young people who are newbies in the corporate space, the comments that some older professionals make about young people and recent conversations with my colleagues I am prompted to share some thoughts with young people (Millennials and Gen Z) who are looking forward to going further in the corporate sphere, let’s call it silent ethos in the corporate sphere. So here we go:

The basic and important tip you should know is that humility does not make you stupid rather it opens for you the door to people’s hearts. Don’t fake it, be humble from a genuine heart, a heart willing to serve and learn. It is important that you are willing to serve and learn but these cannot be achieved if you have no humility and you always feel pressured to prove a point.

Personally, I come from a family where I am respected as the firstborn of the family so I rarely run errands. But as a starter /youngest at work, I ran errands for my bosses, then got back to my desk to meet my professional deliverables. I must confess, it was displeasing to me at first but with time I used the errands time to mentally cool off and have breaths of fresh air under the sun😀 escaping the chilly Air Conditioner.

If you pay enough attention; in serving others, your character is being helped to get better, your skills are sharpened and you are opened to better opportunities.

Another tip is honour. Genuinely honour people.  I know there’s a popular corporate wokeness in this generation of ours that you owe nobody anything, you can call people by their first name or talk freely with your senior colleagues. I am not here to dispute these but to share a simple universal fact with you that “everyone wants/likes to be honoured”. For your peace and progress; honour people. Address your senior colleagues with what I call neutral honour, it does not hurt to say ‘Mr/Mrs/Miss/ Sir/ Ma’. If the recipient is cool with it, you go on and if not he/she will talk about it and you can go on with just their first name. Treat each person as they would like to be honoured.

Finally, be rest assured that nobody is out to get you so keep your reaction in check. Most times, you are repaid the vibes that you give. Don’t go about thinking that your boss is witch-hunting you. Even if he or she is overtly demanding or assumingly unkind towards you, don’t allow it get to you that you may be prompted to misbehave in return. As much as possible let your heart be void of guile. For instance, one of my junior colleagues was sent on an errand during a meeting. I guess it got on his negative side and his reaction reflected it and everyone in the meeting noticed. He later sent me a message to apologize for his reaction and I prompted him to apologize to another senior colleague which he did.

This life is a field of lessons. In order to progress in this field, you need to keep getting better in professional competence and in character. And the tips shared with you in this blog post can help in the quest of getting better.

Hope you had a good read. Do you have more tip(s) to share with us? Kindly do so in the comment section. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the link with your folks that you want to see them get better. Have a lovely weekend. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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