Hey fam, how are you? For real how have you been? It’s okay to take a pause and give yourself a reply of how you are doing/ how you have been? Keep it honest, you know yourself better than anyone else.
Yeah, for me the past weeks have been blessed. I actively and without guilt started living up to my 2021 anchor word which is ‘REST’. Yes, rest!

Are you thinking I went on vacation, sabbatical or MIA to rest at the early part of the year? No, none of these happened. The goal was to do all that is necessary and not to be overwhelmed or give in to unhealthy pressure. This for me is REST activated.

Today, I thought to share with you some of the lessons I garnered in the past weeks, you can call it Dife Lessons (lol):

Life is Spiritual: Whether you like it or not or you choose to believe it or not, this life that we live in is first spiritual before it was physical. There are dealings or happenings that pragmatism or realism cannot shade or give answers to. The earlier you accept the genuinity of life and choose to journey through life’s spirituality with God through Jesus, the better your life becomes.

Farabale (Calm Down): I can’t pretend, the Yoruba word ‘farabale’ communicates this idea better for me. To really enjoy living well and meaningfully, farabale (calm down) is a must-have virtue in every phase of life. You probably would have heard motivational speakers say ‘Make mistakes, you will learn from it’ but I really don’t want to live a life full of mistakes, no I don’t. Why must you learn from mistakes when you can learn from the Holy Spirit so that you don’t perpetually live in errors/mistakes before you make progress. To learn from the Holy Spirit is to first ‘Farabale’. In the past few weeks, the Holy Spirit had saved me from couple of ill opportunities packaged nicely that could have been serious mistakes for me. Your ability to farabale (calm down) even in the face of pressure will help you a lot, don’t joke with it.

Be good/kind: The world is tough enough, please don’t be an additive to the world’s toughness. You may want to justify the thought to be unkind because you’ve previously been badly treated by someone, do not allow that thought to stay. Stay true to your goodness/kindness, the universe has diverse ways of repaying every act/gesture done…you can call it Karma. Don’t even ponder on why you need to be good/kind, you don’t need a reason to be good/kind, just be the light/salt of the world that you are meant to be. It could be in the small things that you take for granted like a smile, hug, note of appreciation or going extra mile to enhance someone’s fortune. Just BE GOOD.

Don’t underestimate the gift of people: Yes, it’s a tremendous gift that you have positive, value-adding people in your life. Don’t take them for granted. And if you do an assessment of the people in your circle and you don’t have value-adding people, then you should start by doing a thorough assessment of yourself ‘Who have you been to people?’. Don’t expect what you haven’t given.

Ask for help: Don’t be too high or shy to ask for help. Consult people, in the presence of guides the chances of losing your way is reduced. I consult people a lot and oftentimes when I’m in the middle of a task and I’m almost getting stuck the Holy Spirit prompts me to reach out to specific person(s) and boom! Solution happens. This still happened to me this week and it left me happy and thankful

With this few shared lessons, I hope you had a pleasant and didactic read. Feel free to share your comments and the lessons you had gleaned in recent time with us in the comment section.

Have a great weekend. Je t’aime mon ami🤗🤗🤗

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