Abejoye season 2 part 1 started with Baba’s victory song. Baba’s analogy of Pharaoh, King of Egypt as “Ifarahun, Oba Onijibiti” and the way he ‘nativised’ the scripture using proverbs and analogy would make you smile😀. Did I mention his style of prayer before the pastor taught him how to pray? It was epic😂, Baba would make incantation-like prayers that will make your ears tinge and open eyes during prayers 😉 (lol).

Also, we can see Baba’s excesses of storytelling prayers even his grandchildren complained while Laide tried to cope with Baba’s demand for native foods and the family endured loud prayers. This is to say that one’s personality and environment have an influence on one’s understanding of the gospel and how to relate with it.

Bamidele allowed himself to be caught in Dedun’s web again with her plot of acclaimed pregnancy. He was stubborn and didn’t acknowledge God’s warnings through Baba and Pastor’s revelations to him. The wife had uneasiness in her spirit, told her husband about it, suggested prayer and fasting but guess what? Bamidele was scared to observe fasting and prayer. Yes, that’s what sin does. It rids one of the power in Christ Jesus.

Meanwhile, Baba kept having victories over his enemies, in the absence of sin, the Lord of hosts fought his battles. Both husband and wife were surprised that Baba had victory over his enemies. Again, Laide thought that Baba was the cause of her uneasiness but she was wrong, it was her husband again.

Baba was once again attacked by his enemies, the masquerade that was sent to him couldn’t harm him because he had the power of God in him to fight his battle. Unfortunately, his son, Bamidele that was supposed to be a “senior believer” had no power of God in him and he was the recipient of the masquerade’s cane that was meant for his father. It was quite disappointing that the wife couldn’t pray or call on the name of Jesus for defense when the husband was obviously being attacked rather she screamed “Baba, Egbami o”. As expected, after the third stroke of cane Bamidele shouted “Ajibogun ya!” (Won ti get Bamidele) 🙄and Abejoye season 2 part 1 ended.

Won ti get Bamidele because that same night his wife picked his phone that rang and got to know that her husband was still having an affair. Baba’s words were true, the presence of sin in Bamidele’s life made him vulnerable to the enemy’s attack and he became a victim of a battle that was not his. Eventually, the Pastor and Baba helped Bamidele to fight his battles, destroyed the demon’s spell on him.

The Holy Spirit used Baba to settle the strings of problems on ground. Following, the Holy Spirit’s instructions, Baba settled the problems one after the other, Dedunke, the mistress revealed that she was not pregnant for Bamidele and just wanted to manipulate him. Henceforth, she won’t disturb Bamidele again.  Baba even helped in solving Dedunke’s problems with her husband and reunited Dedunke with her family. Dedunke, the other woman apologised to everyone and repented of her ungodly ways.

Meanwhile, the demon that was sent to America for Baba returned back to the senders and beat them to stupor. Peace was restored to Bamidele’s family, Dedunke the other woman travelled to Nigeria to reunite with her family. Yes, the Peace maker indeed satisfied everyone with peace.

By the way, the soundtrack for the end part of this season is powerful and beautiful 😍

“Emi o ma riru Olorun eyi ri, gbanigbani ta n saya

Se iwo riru Jesu yi ri, erujeje oba mi

Ologo imole, ahnahn, Ologo imole, ahnahn

Ologo imole, ahnahn, Ologo imole, ahnahn”

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys. Je t’aime mon ami😘😘

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