IMG-20200501-WA0012If you have been working from home in this quarantine, you will agree with me that working from home is actually more demanding than working from the office. So, if not properly managed you can be caught in the web of being overwhelmed even while you work from home.  Personally, I have been making attempts to avoid being overwhelmed with the demanding workload, yet I need to really get better with my attempts.

For some months now, I have been having technical issues with but it got me more worried  in the past couple of weeks that I unconsciously lost the enthusiasm of creating or sharing contents on  This is because I felt there is no point creating content and I have been losing my target audience or they are being swindled to leave because of the technical issues.

Some days ago, I got to know that someone had almost similar challenges that I have and she had similar reaction but some of her target audience noticed, they raised it and offered to help. When I saw their gestures, I knew she will be encouraged.

I got phone calls from a couple of persons few days ago,  they noticed the absence of content creation on Dife Blog and asked about it. I felt encouraged that some people actually follow and they missed, noticed the absence of Dife Blog’s content.

I have come to realise that there’s a need to be faithful in whatever assignment one is trusted with. Give no hyped attention to your scope of audience or audience reach. Your audience might be the 1% of the 1% (Bling Lagosians, have you watched the movie😎?) yet stay faithful to them because these ones are important to your evolution. Sometimes, it might seem you have no audience at all, just keep doing it,”He that is faithful in little, will be given much”.

Especially, in our world of “All for the glam/gram, and likes’’ it can be increasingly difficult not to be overly concerned with your audience reach. Yet, stay faithful to your course. To everyone out there on assignment (s), I understand that the journey might be discouraging sometimes or often times but find your strength in the joy of fulfilling your assignments first and stay faithful in it as you continuously work to get better. Your journey shouldn’t be ‘All for the gram’.

Happy new month and have a pleasant weekend. Je t’aime mon ami!


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