Tips to Working From Home in Covid-19 Season

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Difers Yo! How are you? How have you been coping in this stay-at-home season? If you have been working from home, how has it been so far? By the time this covid-19 season is over, the world could actually be in a better place than we were before.

Whether we like it or not the future that has been predicted or prophesied is upon us, the future of work has dawned upon us. It met some fully prepared, some half-way prepared and some not prepared at all. Whichever level you find yourself, you can always get better.

So, it’s officially one week and 2 days since I have been working from home. To say that I like it is an understatement, I actually love it. This is the first time I will officially be working from home and in the fourth day of work-from-home, my boss said “I think working from home is doing you a lot of good”. Of course I could not deny it, “I said ‘’Yes, it really is”.

I lie you not fam, since I have been working in Lagos, working from home is the best work experience I ever had. What I have come to conclude is, working is cool while working in Lagos seems enticing but the truth is working in Lagos when your place of work is not a 15 minutes’ walk from your house is torturing. Sadly, a lot of people in Lagos fall into this third description, just like me.

Presently, I am enjoying my work-from-home season, because I feel more healthy and full of life because of the absence Lagos incredible traffic. More importantly, I feel more fulfilled being able to do my official duties and also have some ample time for other things that matter in my life’s journey.

We can’t hope that the Covid-19 season should linger on but we can do well to enjoy the stay-at-home season while it lasts and effectively work from home.
Here are 7 major tips that have guided me through this period of working at- home and it has really helped me. You may find them helpful too.

Tips to Working- from-Home during Covid-19 self-isolation season.

Map out a daily routine: It is better to have a well written or designed schedule than a in-my-head kind of schedule of your daily activities.

Create a working space in your house: A space that is comfortable enough to keep you alert and work effectively. Make your working space comfortable and neat always, this helps to reduce tension in the atmosphere.

Stay connected: Working remotely requires that you always stay connected to your colleagues especially your direct boss. This will avoid you making ridiculous mistakes while working. No one is an island of knowledge.

Take breaks: When mapping out your daily schedule, do not forget to schedule a particular time for break and keep to this. The break helps you to relax and increases your attention span once you get back to work.

Feed well: You will be doing a lot of mental work so you need to be adequately fuelled with nourishing foods that can energy especially vitamins.

Be at ease: You can freestyle, do things that you might not really do if you were to be at work. You can listen to music as you work (it is advisable not to work with too loud music).

Create time for family: If you stay with your family, try as much to slot family time into your schedule too. This season might just be what you need to rebound with your loved one(s).

Be discipline: Now, you are your own watchman, your boss is not here. Be disciplined enough to the tasks that have been delegated to you. As much as possible resist the temptation to sleep during work hours.

Make sure you enjoy this season while it last, don’t be a part of the ‘boredom’ geng. Cheers to a fulfilling Covid-19 Work-from-home season.


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