Covid-19: How to Maximize this Stay-at-home Season

Stay at home

Hey fam, how are you doing in this season? Guess we didn’t see it coming, there is now a season we call Covid-19 season like Christmas season, isn’t this ironical. In this season, history is being made, historians are taking dates and observing the turn of events. However, we hope that this season ends soon that the God of the universe have mercy on His creatures and decree halt to this plague.

This Covid-19 season can actually be a blessing in disguise for so many people. Some 3 weeks ago, I remember waking up and I really desired that there will just be a break or public holiday that will save me from going to work. Weekends were no weekends again and I resume work on Monday tired than when I left work on Friday. Life was getting so choked up and I was just trying to keep my head above the waters. Personally, this Covid-19 season is just what I needed to revive into living.

Now, I work from home and this is actually my first time of working from home and I can assuredly tell you it is really a blessing to be saved from Lagos traffic. Especially, if you live and work in Lagos, you know how insanely hectic it is.

This season is a blessing in disguise, maximise the Covid-19 ‘Stay-at-home’ season for

• Family Bonding: For families, this is that season to save seemingly failing marriages. Through the compulsory ‘stay- at-home’ instruction families can maximise this season for family bonding and reignite the love that brought you together.

• Learn New Skills: You can maximise this season to learn new skills. Upgrade your skills. Take that online course, read those books, learn new languages etc. Get that much needed knowledge that will help you to do better in your assignments. This might just be the season to prepare yourself for your next level. Don’t sleep on it.

• Personal Revival: Also, this season is that time you can re-jig your spiritual walk with God. This is that time of personal revival. Refire your prayer altar, spend time in communion with God, get divine clarity blueprints on your assignments.

• Meditate: Before now, it’s being difficult catching up with life, and you don’t have time to sit still and meditate. Now, is that time to chill off and have a rewind of your journey so far, evaluate where you are presently and have a deliberate visioning of your future. This is not a time for daydreaming or wishful thinking. Rather take charge of this time to separate yourself from the noise , fears flying around and get a safe haven to meditate and constructively think about your life and the future that awaits you. This is that time to get a divinely-enhanced template to follow through in fulfilling purpose.

• Reconnect with Friends: Relationships matter, this is that time you can reconnect with your friends. Chat/gist with them, call them to check up on them to know how they are faring in this season. If you know some of your friends can be helped with some cash to survive this season, kindly send them some money.

• Enjoy this season: Of course, maximise this time to catch up on life. Enjoy the company of yourself, watch those movies you have always wanted to watch, listen to beautiful songs that makes you happy. Enjoy this season of life, don’t lose your joy and peace. And do well to use this time to clear your space, closet. Get rid of the ‘jagbajantis’ that makes you feel clustered.

Do well to share the above infography in your timeline with your friends. Let’s help one another to get better in this season.

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