Over the weekend, I joined my family to watch TV and coincidentally they were showing a reality TV show that celebrated a woman who is successful in her career. I called the name of the woman admiringly, then from nowhere my mum said “and she’s a single mum oo.” I immediately countered her and said “why must you include that?”

Can’t a woman just be celebrated because she has worked hard and deserves to be celebrated?
Why must you use marital stance in the rating of a woman’s success🤦‍♀? A successful woman deserves her accolades so give it to her.

Last week Sunday, while preparing for church, my kid sister said “Today is Mother’s Day” and I replied “But I saw people celebrating Mother’s Day the previous Sunday.” How many Mother’s Day do we have in a year ? I’m sure before this year runs out there will be another Mother’s Day celebration. So, for me, there’s no need for Mother’s Day celebration again rather anyday that I feel like specially celebrating my Mum can be tagged Mother’s Day.

Someweeks ago, I boarded a bus that had a female conductor. The passengers were slightly amused of seeing a female bus conductor but we were more amused with the way she talked and conducted. At the bus-stop, she firmly begged that she didn’t have change and with her mannerisms, passengers that didn’t have change willingly got out of the bus. They didn’t want to offend her. She had good control of the bus.

I genuinely celebrate this lady that subtly challenged me that day with a message that ‘you can take the unusual route and make people respect you for what you do without being harsh.”

So, this is me officially ditching Mother’s Day celebration and choosing to celebrate womanhood/motherhood whenever and wherever I recognize that a woman is doing greatly. Cheers to the society that gives a woman her accolades without sentiments.

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