Honestly, I don’t even know how to start but I guess there’s always a chance to retrace to one’s first love. I feel as if I have been off this space for months and I really miss that feeling of fulfillment that flows after publishing a post. Most mornings, I wake up with a guilt feeling whispering  ‘Ife, you are drifting from your first love, you are not writing🤔’ and I keep telling myself I’m going to pick myself up somewhere. One thing about this writer is that she does not give up on herself, so there’s a lifetime promise to self to always pick-me-up and get better.

While I have been away, different ideas, thoughts worthy of sharing flow in and out of my mind. I hope to meet up and share these thoughts with you.

The world is presently in a frenzy as a result of of the ravaging Covid-19. Difers, don’t join the trend of panic-buying oo.  Just calmly follow through with the precautions. Don’t panic in anyway. Just do the needful. Laslas, we will all be fine.

Time for some gists, don’t dull. Last week Sunday, as I alighted from the bus I boarded I was surprised to see two teams of physically challenged, crippled handball players  in a game with over 50 spectators watching the game and cheering them on. It was actually a community well-planned game cause the two teams of 11 man players wore distinguishing jerseys, the tarred football pitch was marked with white lines of symmetry.

Retracing to My First Love

I had to pause and take some couple of minutes to watch them and take some pictures. I celebrate these football players who choose to stay happy and enjoy life even in the raging challenges around.

In times like this, the best bet is to intentionally guard your heart. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in the panic-striken air. Stay safe, stay healthy.

I missed you and I am glad I am retracing to my first love because of you😍😘.

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