This post has long overdued but I owe it to the Difers community because ‘Celebrate your little wins’ is one of the unique landmarks of

February 2020 has been a blessed and stretchy month for me. As the month graciously slides to an end and we celebrate our little wins let us also share some lessons gleaned in the special leap month of 2020.

Let’s start from the very beginning, 1st February 2020. On this day,  I had the opportunity to have a compére duty at a youth conference organised by Superior Performance Global Network led by Olusegun Odufuwa.

On this event’s day, I was slightly disappointed by my younger sister but I didn’t let it bother me. I calmly looked for an alternative to help myself out.

Getting to the venue, I requested to see the convener and introduced myself to him because I was actually there to function as a red carpet host.

After some minutes, the convener told me that the scheduled event’s compére was running late and they needed to start the programme. So, he invited me to start the programme and that was how I functioned as event compére and red carpet host of the conference.

Sometimes, abilities are not enough to maximise opportunities. You need to be confidently calm, have an unwavering ‘inner peace’ so that you don’t underperform during your moments of opportunities. Even if you didn’t have 100% performance score, atleast you will be fulfilled that you confidently did your best at the moment and you can always get better.

We evolve through life’s journey. Let nothing, absolutely nothing rob you of peace at any junction in life’s journey. Celebrate your wins along the way. Be quick to pick the lessons that life (people, personal/others experiences) teaches you, do this without regret. Please, be good/kind to everyone you meet on your path in life (you want reasons? it cometh soon in another post😉

Cheers to your success story!
Love ya😘😘😘


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